Mystic Falls or Bust

hello and good morning to you. it’s another day of working on Love You to Death — Season 2 for me, which involves such difficult difficult tasks as thinking long and hard about TVD, reading and watching cast interviews for interesting tidbits I may have missed first time round, and watching such films as Brigadoon! High fives to those of you who know why I would watch Brigadoon for a book on The Vampire Diaries. Fun fact: leaving Brigadoon out of the first book was made my stomach turn when I realized I’d forgotten it. (I was surprised my reviews aren’t all, “But what about Brigadooooon?” jokes.) It’ll be a sentence or two, max, on the movie but there is a reason to include it! And Love You to Death 2 will be Brigadooned up.

As some of y’all already know, I made my first trip to Atlanta, Georgia, last weekend for the first ever EyeCon Vampire Diaries convention. And gods willing it will be the last EyeCon convention ever. There are a gabillion reviews of how effed up it was that you can read (I think I’ve spent approx 900 hours reading them this week); to get a very good idea of my personal experience, read Vee’s at (We were table-mates in the vendor room; I am one of the ‘grumpy girls.’)

The trip was far from a bust, though. I’d really recommend attending some sort of fan convention in the future, but I’d just be more careful about checking into who’s organizing it.

Here’s the other thing I learned this weekend (which may actually motivate me into the world of online dating in the not-too-distant future): the people I’ve met online who are flipping awesome, hilarious, and clever are even more so in real life. It was so wonderful to meet my Twitter pals and make new ones. Thank you so much to everyone who came by the table to say hi, who bought a book or brought their copy with them, and who wanted one of our posters. It was so encouraging to meet you!

It was also inspiring and heartwarming to see Vampire Support in action — I picked up a Team Caroline bracelet from their table, the money from which will got to organizations that promote Lyme disease awareness — and their Activist t-shirts were the unofficial uniform of attendees. Check out Chloe’s interviews with Michael Trevino and Ian Somerhalder and the Canvas Warriors/Vampire Stalkers auction of pimped-out Chuck Taylors.

The day after EyeCon, Sarah D and I traveled to Mystic Falls a.k.a. Covington, GA, to take the Mystic Falls Tours with Jess of the VRO, Vampire Stalkers, and Vampire Support fame. We arrived early and I nearly collapsed with joy when I saw the clock tower. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but a glimpse of the dreamy TVD actors didn’t make me swoon — the Mystic Falls town square did. It was very cool to stand in front of the Grill or to wander around and be like, Oh hey that’s where Caroline and Matt had their epic kiss after the Decade Dance. Jess is an amazing tour guide — she knows tons of details about the filming and has hilarious stories from her set “stalking” experiences. We got to wander around the Lockwood estate — the owner of that property is just about the nicest man ever; he protected us from Steven the Swan, a BAMF if ever there was one — and we saw some locations from upcoming episodes. (Oh yes — be warned, spoilerphobes: you’ll likely hear things that you can never un-hear.) I’ve posted some of my pics on Facebook for y’all to see. If ever you’re in Atlanta, or even the state of Georgia, the Mystic Falls Tour is a must.

And Covington itself is charming as can be: you can have coffee at the Square Perk afterward (free wifi!). Other recommendation: sandwiches at Plain Nuts (apparently they also cater weddings, etc.). At the Covington Visitors Center, there is a hilarious plywood stand-up of “Damon” as well as other fun memorabilia from the various movies/shows that filmed in Covington over the years — and some excellent postcards for sale.

And in keeping with the holiday theme, let’s all revel in the awesomeness of Kat Graham and Candice Accola getting into the groove.

May the next Vampire Diaries convention feature the genius women of the show.


rainy sunday

seems like it’s been raining all night and all morning and i am sitting in my Stefan chair (see this post for an explanation), doing a little proofreading of a very fine companion guide to Lost‘s final season, looking at my new T-Rex pal, and drinking what i’m sure is too much coffee.

my reading frenzy continues with: Megan McCafferty’s Sloppy Firsts (loved it; this review made me pick it up); Maggie Stiefvater‘s Linger (between her blog, twitter, & LJ, she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite authors online); Suzanne Collin’s Catching Fire; Sara Zarr’s Sweethearts (which also came via Forever Young Adult — their How to Judge a YA Book by Its Cover post had me rofling); the third book in the Vampire Academy series, Shadow Kiss; and Let Me In, which unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to finish before it’s due back at the library. Thanks to Goodreads, I’m going to save my page and come back to it another day!

On the docket for this afternoon: trying out Smoke’s Poutinerie (finally…) with four-fifths of the Knitting Club; having some sort of non-soaked-in-the-rain activity with my out-of-town pal whom I adore, Clairey, and her fiance; start in on my second half of Gossip Girl season 3 rewatch (so I can write up the continuation of these surprisingly popular posts); and loads of boring dullsville things that involve vacuums and cleaning products and yawns.

Word on the street (and by that I mean twitter…) is that is shipping Love You to Death a few days early, so watch your mailbox, folks with pre-ordered copies! (Thanks for the head’s up, @Katelinnea!) There’s still time to enter the giveaway over at Bite on This and/or the Vampire Stalkers giveaway — and remember to tune in to the VRO on Tuesday if you’d like to hear me chatting about the book and TVD. I’m really excited about it.

There are only 11 hours and some-odd minutes left in the Vampire Support auction of a signed copy of my book! Keep on bidding — proceeds are going to a great cause! Check out the Vampire Support blog for a fun Ian Somerhalder & Candice Accola related update…

i better go get ready for the “poutine hangout” — got a haircut recently and who knows what my shorter bangs are up to. yikes.

Vampire Support Auction

Lately my posts have included ways you can win my book for free — but tonight I’m going to ask you to pay as much money as you feel you can for a signed copy of Love You to Death, or for a number of seriously awesome items currently up for auction. Proceeds go to the National Wildlife Federation, which is working to help the wildlife endangered by the unbelievably massive and unprecedented BP oil spill. This auction is organized by the awesome Vampire Support, a charitable fandom project headed by Chloe (better known as TVD_Chloe) and Amber. You can read’s post on the auction here.

Of all the auction items currently up on eBay, there are a few that I’m most familiar with. No, not the Charlie Bewley headshot…but the books published by ECW Press that relate to other genius vampire-related fandoms:

  • Bite Me: a guide to all seven glorious seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by the esteemed Nikki Stafford
  • Truly Madly Deadly: an episode guide to the first two seasons of True Blood by the charming and talented Becca Wilcott, and
  • Love Bites: a full-colour extravaganza all about Twilight — the books, the films, the actors, the productions, and the woman who started it all, Stephenie Meyer.

Great books on great vamps for a great cause. Bid early, bid often! And big thanks to Chloe for having me as a part of this! Please vote for Vampire Support in the Pepsi Refresh Project.