One more sleep til I kick off my revamping, second round, and I am funfetti / so ready. (I hope that doesn’t mean something pervy, Joe Jonas; I just mean I feel like a sprinter in the blocks, waiting for the starting pistol. Which will fire funfetti, naturally.)

Two of my dear, darling accountability partners have posted about their Adventures in 2016 Reform: Tammy is back at it after a December break, and Heather (who I mostly call Vee, so don’t get confused if I swap names) has some excellent resolutions and declares her “word of the year” to be cultivate. (I may steal her 2014 word, decisive, for my 2016 word, but need to think on it a little. I’ve never had a word of the year before…)

As part of Resolution #5, be frugal aka WWJKD?, I’m going to try to convince my local squad to start coming over here for drinks + games nights, instead of going out for dinner + drinks. We went to Indie Ale House last night, and it was just loud and trapped-feeling and not that tasty. Scattergories + beer that is actually good = better, cheaper, and the mums still get to have the I Got the Eff Out of My House feeling, cuz they are at our kid-free house! Win, win, win.

One slight bummer that I’m going to have to sort out is that my wrist pain is getting worse and worse, and my pal who is a doctor diagnosed it as tendinitis (it’s fun to make your friends do their job while they eat their supper on a Saturday night) and said rest it. And get a brace (like Rachel has! matchers). So…I anticipate some workarounds will be necessary when I do my yoga and some other bits of exercise, and I’m not really sure how to rest it while I’m working, etc. Tried to pour with my left hand this morning, instead of my broken right, and made a wee mess. I guess I am collecting ailments that start with T: I’m officially in year 3 of tinnitus (boo, go away constant ringing companion); now, tendinitis; next up, who knows?!

Time for me to start my day proper. Happy last day of holidays, my friends. xo



Happy new year! I hope y’all had the NYE you wanted — mine was right on the money. I stayed in, watched the livestream of the fireworks from Reykjavik, ate delicious dinner from Bukhara Grill, then re-read some Better than Before before falling asleep by 10. Winner, gagnant.

Knope We CanI also did some prep for the reboot of the Revamp Project, and the habits I was forming back in November have mostly made the cut for the January 4th restart. I’m going to cut back my 6-times-weekly exercise to 5 — which is 5 more times a week than before and still great, while being more achievable.

On the resolutions front, I found this post from 2013 that I had started writing and then abandoned:

  1. Be more like Leslie Knope. So more waffles, more optimism, more can-do spirit, and one Ben Wyatt pls and thx.
  2. Read 60 books in the GoodReads challenge. I met my 55-book goal this year (56!), but didn’t do so hot on the “Read more books that aren’t either (a) published by ECW, or (b) YA fiction” front. Variety, spice of life, etc.; I will once again endeavour to broaden my reading list this year (while keeping up with my YA, naturally).

Always a good resolution to Knope things up (minus the waffles), and on the reading challenge front, I didn’t make my goal for 2015 — short by one measly book, and really if ECW’s data feed had gone out a day earlier I coulda added a fall title and made it. I rallied this week and read two novels by Liane Moriarty in two days, so I ended up at 65 of 66. (And yes, I totally count books read at work.) I’m going to knock that back to 60 books for 2016 — my spare time will be otherwise occupied in 2016! No time for boring old reading!

On the blogging frontier, WordPress sent me a report on my 2015 stats and it is pretty funny: I posted once between January 1st and October 31st, and then 39 times in the last two months. (2014? Five posts in the whole year.) 2016 should be a record-setting year for the Calhoun Tribune: I’m planning on picking back up with the daily blogs, but I don’t think I’ll keep it strictly to the topic of BtB Habits Overhaul. It can get kinda tiresome for me, and probs tiresome for you. So we’ll see what rambles I ramble on about here.

Since I have so many habits goals on the horizon, my resolutions for 2016 are a little different than in years past — less specific, broader. (And holy cow it’s odd to read NYR from 2005 — in school, with Russ, etc etc. But the basic ideas = same 11 years later.)

Anywho, I resolve to:

  1. take my health and wellness seriously, to do my best to feel my best
  2. listen to my manager and not my weasler
  3. work on being less grumbly and more fulfilled in my job
  4. be kind and compassionate, especially to my fam
  5. be frugal, even though that often means more effort on my part
  6. take up my Revamp Project with the same dedication and determination I had on November 1st.

And what more auspicious way to end my first post of 2016 than with a quotation from Virginia? As quoted by GR in BtB.

“Habits gradually change the face of one’s life as time changes one’s physical face; & one does not know it.” (from her April 13, 1929, diary)

Here’s to gradually changing the face of our lives, deliberately and in the directions we want. Happy 2016.

P.S. Go see Sisters — it is A+ funny as fuck.

12 resolutions for 2012

  1. be more like Tami Taylor in every possible way (really, I could stop here but…)
  2. read 55 books — including authors I’ve never read before, more non-fiction, more books written/published by colleagues (i.e., contemporary Canadian books), and all the usual YA brilliance
  3. hang out with my friends’ kids more frequently (’cause these kids are ridiculously charming)
  4. have dance parties once a month with DDPP
  5. follow the 23 1/2 hour plan
  6. write more — on this blog, to my bestie in a far away land, in my nearly-abandoned journal (sorry, bookie), and on my various writing projects (that one means procrastinate less)
  7. spend less than $1,000,000 a week at Starbucks
  8. be more patient and understanding — but not a pushover (see season 1 Elena Gilbert, Queen of Empathy and Badassery, for role model)
  9. eat real food — and by that I mean the old Michael Pollan ‘if your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food it ain’t food’ — and prepare it myself
  10. take a real holiday — no writing, working, promoting, anything-ing (my ideal vacation, because i don’t know how to surf or do yoga)
  11. procrastinate in useful ways (e.g., clean the kitchen rather than fall into the tumblr abyss)
  12. instead of complaining about problems, try to solve them — personally, professionally, politically, across the board.

i love new year’s resolutions.


when i was a kid, new year’s resolutions were probably the most significant holiday tradition my family had. we didn’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah; we celebrated New Year’s. Turkey dinner on the 31st, a little cuckoo clock atop the New Year’s tree, presents, those cracker things you pull and there’s a little toy inside, and resolutions made. Not as a big family discussion, but at some point I’d make a list. (How awesome would it be to read the resolutions of one’s 7-year-old self? Hilarious.) I’ll have to root around in my mom’s basement to find this oversized illustrated book my sister wrote in grade school about some little mice who made new year’s resolutions. I think the lead mouse was named Tammy and she resolved to learn how to ice skate. It’s pretty charming. (And maybe the littlest mouse was based on me!)

i started in on this year’s list last night. a bit dull, a bit like the ones I’ve made every year for the past decade but let’s have at it.

Inspired by the book my dear friend Claire gave me for Chrimbo, A Writer’s Life by Lyndall Gordon A Writer's Lifeon my favourite but much ignored Virginia Woolf. (Much ignored by me. Not by the world.) VW wrote every day, her whole life — write, write, write.
1. Write, write, write. (a) In my journal/diary book, which is now mostly a collection of entries written when I am feeling particularly low. I used to write more often in the high school and university days — I resolve to write in it more. (b) Every day, work on that book (which I haven’t told you about yet). and (c) write here on this blog.
2. Read a wider range of books. Starting in on A Writer’s Life reminded me how seldom I read something that is not light and fluffy. Obviously I read a lot at work, but it’s a different kind of reading — reading to improve something rather than reading to learn from a book or be entertained by it. At home, I’ve been reading light fiction for the most part. And I adore it. But with A Writer’s Life, I can feel my brain twisting around, trying to figure out what VW was all about, trying to remember To the Lighthouse and The Waves. There’s a pile of non-fiction I’m keen to read: more Michael Pollan, Harold Evans’ My Paper Chase, The Talented Miss Highsmith, The Push to Prescribe. (Basically any book that is discussed on The Current I’ll want to read.) I am officially accepting book recommendations — fiction, non-fiction, anything really.
3. Eat real food and take a break from sitting. This is the mandatory “healthier lifestyle” portion of the resolutions. Making lunches, eating breakfast (which I haven’t done yet today. oopsy), making dinner from healthful ingredients, drinking loads of water and loads less diet coke, and (here’s an important bit) going to the gym. Eep. I signed up for a gym membership a little while ago (which is getting to be a longer while ago). I have not gone. I must go. So I do not turn into a sloth and so my bank account knows why it’s being dinged monthly for a not-insignificant amount of moolah.
4. Pay more attention to the world outside the shows on the CW. My interests have grown rather insular. I may be very well-informed vis a vis the Gossipverse, but who is the President of Canada? We have a Prime Minister? Still that Harper fellow with the stare of a serial killer? Unfortunate.
5. Save up some money. I have a not-so-secret ambition to go to a one-week surf camp in Costa Rica. This one looks like the most genius trip of all time: surf lessons, yoga, beautiful beachside huts, fresh tasty food. And you don’t have to know how to surf. But it’s not cheap. And I am not rich. Maybe this time next year my trip will be booked!

Those are the main ones, at least for now, until I dream up more. Any good ‘uns I should add to my list? Do you dollies still make resolutions?