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hi old friend, old bloggeroo, have I ever been away for so long since you were first born? I dunno, there is no way to find out, because science has been defunded entirely, so it will remain one of life’s mysterious mysteries forever.

me in my totally normal bedroom.
me in my totally normal bedroom.

first let me tell you that Buzzfeed’s which Riverdale character are you quiz has declared me CHERYL BLOSSOM and to say that is my greatest accomplishment of the decade would overstate my other achievements in the past decade. I have just watched the latest episode — Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (how much do we love the episode titles? lots? yes. correct.) — and even though I, Cheryl Blossom, was not in it (for shame), it was a delight. Because Jughead and Betty went on a multi-pronged investigation and also HAD A MOMENT and it was all I need in my life. Just that. Emotional highs and lows and a murder mystery and references to “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Is Riverdale my new favourite show?

My old favourite show, the one I wrote about 200,000 words on, is about to end. Like T minus one episode until The Vampire Diaries is over forever. I’ve been very behind this season, but I feel like I have to watch the finale live, but I ain’t got cable. Who wants to invite me over? (No one, because no one reads this blog. I am literally typing to myself — hey calhoun what is up that fizzy water with lime you’re drinking is pretty tasty but could use an ice cube, i know you know.) I love all the callbacks to the beginning that TVD is dishing out, and the promise of the one and only Katherine Pierce, and the twists in the June wedding episode, and that they had a June wedding! I mean, cmon. It’s too perfect in that inevitable fated well-plotted way. All hail the masterminds of TVD.
SL382606.JPGMaybe it’s weird to mark one’s real, actual life with the cycle of a tv series, but shit it started when I was just publishing my first book, and it was two apartments ago, and so many romances ago hahahha JK JK JK I never date what is my problem. All to say, feels like an end of an era for me, even though I haven’t been writing about the show in a couple of seasons. Met some good eggs through the TVD fandom, and learned so much from all the clever badasses we interviewed for the LYTD books — top of the list there, Ms. Julie Plec. So generous with her time, when she is the busiest human that ever lived.

Aw, Little Me back in Mystic Falls, all dark and with bangs. Have a few weeks before getting my hair gussied up again, but I’m feeling like making a SYMBOLIC CHANGE. Should I go back that dark and bangy way? Hmmm.

I should be working this afternoon, because I am behind on a deadline, but guess what I don’t think I’m gonna. I think I’m gonna read my Murder She Wrote novelization which is incredibly boring but somehow very very calming (will Jessica Fletcher host the perfect Thanksgiving and solve the mystery of the strange notes she’s been receiving in the post? Yes, yes she will, because goddamn it she is Jessica Fletcher and the only thing she can’t do is drive a car).

And maybe eat some pizza for dinner because that is how I live my life.

For my luncheon, I made Chrissy Teigen (who is my new celebrity crush) (I know I am late on Chrissy Teigen but at least I have her in my life now) ‘s fish tacos from her excellent cookbook Cravings, and they were delicious and spicy — the H in Chrissy is for HOT, and I am talking about chilli peppers not supermodel sexiness but also that; in all ways, she takes the H, and this Crissy does not require the H. At any rate, since I was so industrious for one meal, it’s important to cancel that out with cheesy overpriced pizza. Balance of the universe, et cetera.

type type type. ending this ramble now, but I feel like I may be back soon.

hold on to your hats.


it’s a book! love you to death season 3

Love You to Death — Season 3 has arrived back from the printer, all book-like and shiny. here it is, meeting its older siblings for the first time:

it’s rather strange to me: at some point, I guess I became a writer of a series of books. The second Love You to Death didn’t give me this same ‘there’s a whole bunch of them’ feeling, but seeing the three stacked up together feels like something. Anyway, it is cool and I’m so happy with how it’s turned out and grateful to all the folks who helped along the way.

If you’ve read Love You to Death 1 or 2, you may remember that after the episode guide, I have an interview section. I’m very pleased to announce season 3’s interviewees:

  • Director J. Miller Tobin: he directed “The Turning Point,” “Isobel,” “The Return,” “Katerina,” “The Last Day,” “Ordinary People,” and “The Murder of One.” And in season 2 he was The Vampire Diaries’ producer/director.
  • TV.com’s Price Peterson: Price is responsible for making me laugh to the point of tears every Friday after a TVD episode — if you don’t already read his photo recaps, catch up here. He’s whip-smart and has incredible insight into the series, which he slips into his recaps between Snickers jokes.
  • Director/editor Joshua Butler: with the series from the beginning — he edited the pilot — Joshua has edited or directed 12 episodes of The Vampire Diaries, and on “Klaus” he both directed and edited.
  • Executive producer Julie Plec.


on to the nitty-gritty:

Where to find Love You to Death 3Amazon.comAmazon.caChapters/IndigoBarnes & Noble, and independent retailers — check Indie Bound. If you’re interested in a signed copy, you can order through ECWPress.com; when checking out, make a note in the comments field for me to sign it!

For you e-readers, LYtD3 comes out simultaneously in e-formats: available at iBooksKindle, and all the usual suspects (who don’t have preorder links up yet!).

OR, why not have both formats? My publisher has a Free Ebook program: you buy the print copy, contact them with proof of purchase, and you get the book — free! — in your preferred digital format. Details are available on ECW’s website (also included on the last pg of my book).

The book officially comes out on October 1st, but sometimes it sneaks out a little early. I can’t wait for y’all to see it and let me know what you think!

In summary,




books, books, books

I am in the midst of a book reading bonanza! It’s been a while since I’ve read purely for pleasure — not for my book, not for-work books — and I am doing my best to make up for lost time. Most of the books I picked came from Julie Plec‘s reading recommendations that she made during that epic VRO interview: Vampire Academy, Uglies, The Hunger Games, The Book Thief. (Also on her list: The Help, Fallen.) Vee from Vampire-Diaries.net also mentioned Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series in one of her answers in the interview I did with her & Red for Love You to Death. Double-whammy recommendation = must read. Anywho, onwards, to my mini reviews of what I’ve been devouring these past few weeks:

* The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Scholastic, 2008): Of the group of books, this is one of two that I think everyone should read. Set in a dystopian future, the story follows Katniss Everdeen — a brilliantly written heroine if ever there was one — as she fights for survival in an impoverished colony. I don’t want to say anything, really, about the plot because reading it without much knowledge about the world you’re entering makes everything about it such a revelation and adventure. Part of a trilogy (the third book comes out in a few weeks), I have the next book, Catching Fire, on hold from the trusty Toronto Public Library. My complaint about this book has nothing to do with the content of the words on the page but with the printing. The paperback edition I bought was SO cheaply manufactured with ink barely legible on multiple pages. C’mon, Scholastic, you can afford better production values than that. Especially on a book selling kamillions of copies. Step up yo game.

Uglies by Scott Westerfield (Simon Pulse, 2005): I think if I hadn’t just finished reading The Hunger Games, I would’ve enjoyed Uglies a lot more. But since there are some basic similarities — the teenage-girl in a dystopian future thing — I found it hard not to compare Tally to Katniss and the adventure storyline in both stories. That said, there’s a lot to enjoy in Uglies and it was definitely more captivating than I imagined it would be when I passed it over multiple times browsing thru YA fiction. There are a lot of interesting ideas in here: questions about body image dictating self-worth; the environmental perspective on our present-day society, the “Rusties,” and how we treat natural resources; and how certain superficial concerns can distract us from what’s really going on under our pretty little noses. Definitely worth a read and I’ll likely continue the series, which also includes Pretties, Specials, and Extras. SmartPop books has a collection of essays on the series, Mind Rain, which I may read too!

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (Scholastic, 2009): Side effect of reading this book — really wishing you had a dreamy werewolf to fall in love with. Poetic, romantic, and strong, Shiver also centers on a strong female protagonist — Grace — who has been fascinated with the wolves who linger in the woods behind her house since she was a child. Sam, he’s one of those wolves. I fell in love reading this book and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the trilogy, Linger. The author keeps a very charming and entertaining blog, which includes an interview with the cover designer for her two books in the series. I love these kinds of posts! Again, my only problem, Scholastic, was with the production value of the book. I treat my books rather kindly but as I neared the end of the novel, the cover was detaching itself from the guts of the book, looking to escape from the glue that bound it there. It’s too bad because otherwise it’s a good-looking book — with that cover and blue, not black, ink. Fancy that.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (Razorbill [Penguin], 2007): Doesn’t the girl on the cover look a little like a younger Angelina Jolie? A little? Well, regardless, the thing I like most about Vampire Academy (and presumably the series as a whole; I just started book #2) are the complexities of the world — there are different kinds of vampires, half-human/half-vampires, class systems and a monarchy, and magic! At the heart is the bond between two best friends that bridges some of those divides, and the nature of that bond allows the narrative to move from one girl’s perspective to the other’s in a way I really liked. Also: there’s a simmering romantic relationship for one girl that I can really get behind. There are five books out in the series already, with another coming in January. We’ll see how Frostbite goes, but I can see myself happily hanging out with the gang at St. Vladimir’s Academy for all six. It’s not a series that’s going to change your world or anything, but I really enjoy spending my time in its universe.

* The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (Knopf, 2005): Read this book. Please, please do. I generally shy away from historical fiction. I am not attracted to stories set in wartime. I don’t particularly find this book’s cover appealing. But I am so so so grateful for the recommendations to read this book — thanks Julie Plec and KIRBC‘s Jen Knoch! I know I’ll re-read it in my lifetime. The characters are so memorable. The writing is full of life and humor and personality. It’s such a strong story — there are not enough compliments I could pay it. So, give it a try. I was hesitant for maybe the first 10 or so pages. Then I just didn’t want to put it down.

And now I am looking for more recommendations! I have some stuff on hold at the TPL — the next books in these series — but sound off below if you have suggestions to add to my TBR pile. I’m also spending more time over at GoodReads if you care to hang out there. I like seeing what my friends are reading, browsing lists, and following authors. That’s how I discovered Maggie Stiefvater’s charming blog!


Luckily we don’t have long to wait for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries. A week tomorrow I will be a vair happy TVD fan. Behold: Julie Plec & Kevin Williamson talking about the season so far, and what’s coming up.

(Don’t watch this video if you haven’t already watched the first 10 episodes!)

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