@ the Covington, GA, tourist shop (a.k.a. in Mystic Falls), cozying up to Not-Damon

Hello my internet friends! I’m the author of companion guides to Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries and, under the pen name Liv Spencer, have co-authored books on some of my favorite things (e.g., Taylor Swift, Pretty Little Liars). My day job is as creative director of ECW Press, where I edit non-fiction, fiction, and YA fiction.

I started this blog back when my best friend moved to England and my brother to Japan, and we all were blogging to keep in touch. Later it morphed into me posting about the tv shows I was watching, and now it’s a rarely updated little time capsule.

You can reach me at

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hi you are a really good writer and i have read your first column on TVD whis is my favorite show just wanted to say how amazing you are and to keep it up :)

  2. Dear Crissy,
    Firstly let me apologize for my poor English as it’s not my mother language. I’m from Czech Republic (Middle Europe) and our language is very different from English.
    I would only like to thank you for your perfect recaps presented on web site I like it very much though I have to read it with my dictionary because your flowery style, similar to our best fairy-tale writers, is really difficult for my understanding :-)
    I’m not teenager long since, but I have been watching TVD with pleasure. It brings me to the world of fantasy, love, danger and great acts; it gives me a couple of minutes out of a real world. Here in CR it is difficult to find someone who thinks about this series with such interest and love as you do. Thank you very much for being here with your recaps, your thoughts, ideas, remarks which are pretty clever and adult. I’m so happy that I’m not only one “adult” who loves TVD and appreciates its poetics.
    Please stay with us for Season 3, I’m looking forward to your other recaps, your opinion regarding our love triangle and also all other loved characters in Mystic Falls.
    I like you, you should know it :-)

  3. I am SO excited you let us know Amazon was shipping Love You to Death Season 2 early! Mine is on the way…as soon as it arrives I know I will read it cover-to-cover I enjoyed your Season 1 book so much! I can hardly contain myself!

  4. Hi, I have just finished reading ‘Spotted’. I loved it! Now that book covered season 1 and 2.. when will we see Spotted for season 3 and 4????

  5. Hi Crissy, I’m a huge fan of your writing! I’m wondering if there will be a “Love you to Death Season 6”? I was waiting all the time, searching on Amazon … Then I asked Google, but couldn’t find an answer. It would be great if you would continue this companion series.

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