i am vair vair tired. it is 9:30 pm! but i wanted to tell you two things:

one — the PC calm tea is really gooood and does the trick.

two — one was not what i actually came here to tell you.

three — i did a Keep Toronto Reading video and you can watch it at KIRBC.com. since i know you will be wondering, the pink polka dot hairband thing I am wearing in the video comes from JCrew. it stays in my hair for about one hour. then it slides out and makes me annoyed.

four — my post on Klaus is up at Vampire-Diaries.net and it features a picture of my #1 tru love Elijah.

five — is it lame to go to bed at 9:30?



hi blogreaders. it’s blogwriter. i am sleeeepy and tiiiired and also more of that too. let me tell you that:

1. i went to the St Lawrence Market twice today and it always makes me 546 points better about life so i’m up 1092.
2. i could post spoilers for next week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica here on this internet but i am not going to because i hate spoilers. but i will tell you this: start watching this show (from the beginning) if you don’t already watch it. and if you don’t like it, then there is something wrong with you.
3. the cashier at the LCBO likes my purple sunglasses and totally carded me. today was one of those days where people were staring at me more than a regular amount (by that i mean, everyone stares at everyone all day long but today i got a bit more than my share) and not in a hey-baby-you-so-fine way but in a something-is-off-putting-about-you-but-i-can’t-quite-place-what. it is my HAIR i didn’t brush it after my shower, geeeez.
4. tomorrow is sarah’s baby shower and holy crud
5. i am going to have sausages for dinner and then i will watch either notes on a scandal or everything is illuminated and the TPL lent them dvds to me
6. that youtube video of the guy dancing (below this post) isn’t really awesomesauce. it’s just okaysauce.
8. i have a “so say we all” button!

i think they changed the clock by 2 hours

i swear i woke up and my watch said 9 a.m. and then i had a cup of coffee and my computer said 11 a.m. wha?

your weather: vair sunny in my bedroom but the snow that’s piled outside my window hasn’t all the way melted so it’s likely a bit crispy. if i was a skiing or otherwise outdoorsy winter type, i would be doing something. outdoorsy.

instead: it is a Goldfrapp Seventh Tree day, read lettres from glorious Claire-a-Tron day, drink cafe au lait day, and stretch out my achy breaky limbs day. because yesterday was the first

dance dance party party: an invention of two brilliant ladies in nyc, it’s now spread to 15 cities and i’m trying to give it a go here in toronto. yesterday was the first one and the winter wallop, as the weather network lovingly referred to our snow-pile-on, conspired against our need to dance it out. we persevered and brought some dope moves to the floor, including some spontaneous choreography to Rick Astley, a walk off, some flashdance moves, and near heart attacks from overexertion. this is pretty much the playlist (but add in more britney and m.i.a.), dj’ed by yours truly, DJ Criss-a-Tron.
stretch yawn stretch yawn laze and curl up in the sun. that is what i am going to do alllllll day.

sky high

woot von wootsauce. i just bought some lawn tickets to see sir kanYe west along with his friends and mine rihanna, n.e.r.d. and lupe fiasco. i love buying tickets from ticketmaster when a show first goes on sale cause it is SO nerve wracking. but that love and excitement turns into rage when you see the GIANT bloody charges they add on top of the ticket price. but that is old news.

for some funny internet reading (not always hilarious but generally worth a waste of your time): Stuff White People Like. Two of my favourite bloggers (Sharelle and KanYe) recommend it too.

my sister and i went to see Semi-Pro on Wednesday night and while it was super dumb and so poorly filmed you can’t even believe it (also André Benjamin should stay away from movies), i highly recommend it to those who think Will Ferrell is hi-larious. there is one scene in particular, which we can talk about once you’ve seen it, that had me laughing so hard and i was so crazy tense and covering my face. it was serious. those two minutes alone make it worth it. and if you end up not liking this moving picture, well, S my C, you jive turkey.

guess what i haven’t done.
read any atwood.
but i do owe the tpl some late fees! so that will help their 2008-09 budget.

i haven’t read anything that isn’t work-related in quite some time. my leisure hours have been filled with crosswords and a LOT of terrible wga-strike television programming. never have i watched so much american idol. the other night, before LOST (which is so much better this season i cannot even believe it), i watched a program called America’s Most Smartest Model. (The title is a joke, the competition is dead serious.) I was telling Sarah D. about it yesterday at work and NEARLY got her to spit chocolate milk all over the board room table. Next time! **I just googled the show to find some biting, hilarious recap of how crapplesauce this show is (y’know instead of writing one myself) and all I could find were people talking about who their favourite contestant is and blahblahblah. Holy geez, do people take this stuff seriously? help.

happy birthday tomorrow to amie and david. amie, incidentally, would have been named david if she came out a boy.

cinema calhoun

hello there readers.

1. i saw hairy potts 5: the movie. it was a bit slowish but is entirely worth seeing: the scene at the Ministry of Magic rules.

2. i just saw John McClane Blows Shit Up, Part 4: Live Free and Blow Shit Up. A lot of stuff was blown up. And crushed. And set on fire. And shot. And then they did that a bunch more times for two hours. The “I’m a Mac” kid was super cute but used P.C.s the whole movie and may be outta that commercial gig.

3. weeks ago, i saw La Vie En Rose, which is very different from the above two films. It’s rather sad and meandering but I quite loved it. Beautifully shot. There is a boxing scene that Erin and I agreed could have only been shot by someone not from the school of hollywood. And of course, you get to listen to Edith Piaf’s music for two hours. Which, for me, is brills.

4. i know it will be absolute trash but i am going to see that lindsaw logan picture: I know who killed me (last summer). review tk.

in other news, i am tired. and cannot understand why the buffalo bills traded daryle lamonica back in their afl days. a clear error in judgement that even an uninterested party such as me could see and exclaim aloud, whilst alone and reading, what the frak?

goog alert

i am tired.

i am reading Veronica — cool but confusing and wintery.

i am soon going to listen to shiny toy guns’ album we are pilots for the very first time.

i received my first issue of shameless in the mail today.

i am [lost spoiler] hoping the writers of Lost at least have Sun discuss the option of an abortion considering she and her fetus are gonna die on that island. unless god or jacob or the rescue team step in. right.

i am thinking about apostrophe.