“Come and worship in a traditional church setting, but in a VERY untraditional way. We’ll be using the songs of one of the world’s most popular bands to ‘sing a new song’ to God and to a world that needs to hear a voice of strength, courage, love and peace.”

The Set List
Where the Streets Have No Name

God Part II
Mysterious Ways

[talking — included a shout out to all the non-believers in the house. that was not the exact phrase the preacher lady used. that is a phrase that Donnie Wahlberg uses in “No More Games” (the remix).]

[more talking — this was in fact a litu2rgy]
Pride (in the name of love)

[lotsa talking]
40 + prayers [if i was religious, this would have ruled]
When Love Comes to Town

[escape attempt — thwarted! Elevation the Tribute Band borrowed another of U2’s moves. “Bono” and “The Edge” and “Adam” came strolling down the aisle from the stage singing and playing. Snap! We were nearly busted trying to sneak out. Instead, “Adam” totally nodded at me and said, “hey” or something. And I (whilst singing along and clapping enthusiastically) nodded hey back.]

Love and Peace or Else

[escape! we missed the end of the set but i’m guessing it contained Beautiful Day. if not, they totes dropped the ball. nay, lost the ball.]

On our way out, a man and a woman were following right behind us and we thought it was a boyfriend and a girlfriend, the girlfriend rather loudly arguing with him about how much he put in the donation box. HOWEVER — it was actually a woman accusing a vagrant-y type of stealing from the donation box. “They help the helpless but the helpless are not allowed to help themselves.” (Charlie B.)

And yes, of course, every time they said “help the helpless” in their u2charist, i thought fondly of Angel Investigations.