i watch a lot of tv

hi old friend, old bloggeroo, have I ever been away for so long since you were first born? I dunno, there is no way to find out, because science has been defunded entirely, so it will remain one of life’s mysterious mysteries forever.

me in my totally normal bedroom.
me in my totally normal bedroom.

first let me tell you that Buzzfeed’s which Riverdale character are you quiz has declared me CHERYL BLOSSOM and to say that is my greatest accomplishment of the decade would overstate my other achievements in the past decade. I have just watched the latest episode — Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (how much do we love the episode titles? lots? yes. correct.) — and even though I, Cheryl Blossom, was not in it (for shame), it was a delight. Because Jughead and Betty went on a multi-pronged investigation and also HAD A MOMENT and it was all I need in my life. Just that. Emotional highs and lows and a murder mystery and references to “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Is Riverdale my new favourite show?

My old favourite show, the one I wrote about 200,000 words on, is about to end. Like T minus one episode until The Vampire Diaries is over forever. I’ve been very behind this season, but I feel like I have to watch the finale live, but I ain’t got cable. Who wants to invite me over? (No one, because no one reads this blog. I am literally typing to myself — hey calhoun what is up that fizzy water with lime you’re drinking is pretty tasty but could use an ice cube, i know you know.) I love all the callbacks to the beginning that TVD is dishing out, and the promise of the one and only Katherine Pierce, and the twists in the June wedding episode, and that they had a June wedding! I mean, cmon. It’s too perfect in that inevitable fated well-plotted way. All hail the masterminds of TVD.
SL382606.JPGMaybe it’s weird to mark one’s real, actual life with the cycle of a tv series, but shit it started when I was just publishing my first book, and it was two apartments ago, and so many romances ago hahahha JK JK JK I never date what is my problem. All to say, feels like an end of an era for me, even though I haven’t been writing about the show in a couple of seasons. Met some good eggs through the TVD fandom, and learned so much from all the clever badasses we interviewed for the LYTD books — top of the list there, Ms. Julie Plec. So generous with her time, when she is the busiest human that ever lived.

Aw, Little Me back in Mystic Falls, all dark and with bangs. Have a few weeks before getting my hair gussied up again, but I’m feeling like making a SYMBOLIC CHANGE. Should I go back that dark and bangy way? Hmmm.

I should be working this afternoon, because I am behind on a deadline, but guess what I don’t think I’m gonna. I think I’m gonna read my Murder She Wrote novelization which is incredibly boring but somehow very very calming (will Jessica Fletcher host the perfect Thanksgiving and solve the mystery of the strange notes she’s been receiving in the post? Yes, yes she will, because goddamn it she is Jessica Fletcher and the only thing she can’t do is drive a car).

And maybe eat some pizza for dinner because that is how I live my life.

For my luncheon, I made Chrissy Teigen (who is my new celebrity crush) (I know I am late on Chrissy Teigen but at least I have her in my life now) ‘s fish tacos from her excellent cookbook Cravings, and they were delicious and spicy — the H in Chrissy is for HOT, and I am talking about chilli peppers not supermodel sexiness but also that; in all ways, she takes the H, and this Crissy does not require the H. At any rate, since I was so industrious for one meal, it’s important to cancel that out with cheesy overpriced pizza. Balance of the universe, et cetera.

type type type. ending this ramble now, but I feel like I may be back soon.

hold on to your hats.


The Secret Circle: Bound (ep102)

Doo doo do dooo — it didn’t take long for me to get that flipping little TSC song stuck in my head, but that’s all right because I think it’s excellently creepy, just right for the show, and I’m digging the series so far.

We had the amazing pilot episode for the set up, and now we’re getting into it — Diana wants to bind the circle, Faye doesn’t, and Cassie is like WTF I am a witch. Fair enough! What I love is that while Cassie is expected to be manipulated — either by Faye’s seductive bad girl ways, or by Diana’s logic that they need to control their power, or by Adam’s eyelashes and . . . pulsing energy — Cassie instead does what she wants to do. She won’t blindly agree to something she doesn’t yet understand. It takes a girl dying (nearly dying?? more on that below) to lead Cassie to a final decision: being tied to Adam and the rest of the circle is the moral thing to do, despite its uncomfortable, and yet unknown, consequences.

But first off, let’s talk about Cassie’s bedroom — did you see that walk-in closet? And that little vanity table set-up? It’s huge. I am officially jealous. As a Vampire Diaries fan, I choose to believe that her attempt to light the candle was a shout-out to Bonnie Bennett — and the curtains flipping open the show letting us know that witchcraft in the TSC universe ain’t the same as on TVD. Further to that, her family’s Book of Shadows (in keeping with the original book series) seems focused more on earthy witchcraft — plants, crystals, elements, energy. (How awesome would it be if the CW released the Book of Shadows as a companion book series to the show? As each family’s is unearthed…) I’m still loving the look of the show — Cassie’s bedroom and house, the details in the Book of Shadows, the grey wash over Vancouver Washington, the kids’ witchy abandoned house. Love what filming on location adds to the mood and depth of a show. Keep it up, TSC crew!

We learn more about the unintended effects of uncontrolled power in “Bound” — across generations. We get the teens literally playing with fire in science class, and their anger and lust causing explosions and bodily harm. While the parents are still hiding their big bad mistake from years ago. Grandpa Chamberlain (played by the awesome Tom Butler) comes back to Chance Harbor after hearing from Ethan that (dastardly) Charles Meade is using magic again. The parents don’t have any powers!! I did not see that coming — if it’s in the books, I plum forgot — and I think it’s cool the way the children are actually more powerful (but way more uncontrolled) than their surviving parents. Somehow Grandpa Chamberlain revoked the parents’ powers after they reduced their population by 50% back in the olden days. Is there anyone else remaining from his generation’s circle? Like Cassie’s grandma?

Besides loving the Cassie and Adam moments this episode — Diana, girl, please note that Adam didn’t tell you you have nothing to worry about re: Cassie, he just said he loves you, which is not the same thing — my favourite parts were with Melissa.

In the first episode, she had basically no personality but in “Bound” we get to see her deal. She’s second fiddle to Faye and doesn’t like it. Though she hooks up with Nick at the beginning of the episode, he treats her awfully and later that same day looks to hook up with Faye — who casually says to Melissa that she wouldn’t stoop that low. Ouch. Despite being outwardly allied with Faye, Melissa agrees with Diana about binding the circle long before Faye realizes they must.

And on a similar note, we get a deeper look at Diana — as much as she comes across as the confident good-girl leader, she doesn’t feel like she knows what she’s doing. She’s winging it just like the rest of them. As much as I want Cassie and Adam to give into their fated in the stars connection, I was happy that we saw Adam and Diana together, smooching in the car. He loves her, they have their own chemistry and history, there’s a compelling reason for him to stay with her despite how drawn he and Cassie are to each other. Legit love triangle!!


  • Did Grandpa Chamberlain actually die of a heart attack or just get a preview of what would happen if he didn’t get the eff out of town? I’m voting for option B since there was no body for Principal Chamberlain to deal with.
  • Similarly I was confused about Not Now Sally — when Cassie goes down to her on the rocks, she says Sally has no pulse. (Also: good on you, Cassie, for going to her aid right away.) I assumed Sally was dead. But later, Principal Chamberlain makes a comment about the crystal’s power being used to save the girl, presumably Sally. So Sally’s alive? **UPDATE: So I totally did not see the part where Sally got the crystal wake-up from Principal C. How did I miss that?! Anyway, caught up on that detail thx to Price’s photo recap.
  • Was anyone else reminded of the “Stronger” video when that chair flew across the deck and Faye put her foot down on it? I choose to believe this was a Black Magic Britney reference.
  • Cassie hasn’t yet revealed to the circle that she too has found her family’s Book of Shadows. For now, they believe there’s just the one. Will she tell them now that the circle is bound?
  • When are Cassie and Adam going to make out? #okthxbye
Next Thursday: “Loner.” In the meantime, I shall head on over to TV.com for Price Peterson’s sure-to-be-hilarious photo recap of “Bound.” See you later, witches!

So many shows!

New shows! Favorites returning! Of course, I’ll be tuning in again to The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl but I’m also checking out . . .

The Secret Circle

Doo-doo-do-doo. That is my impression of the theme song. Which I love. Can’t wait for the second episode of The Secret Circle tomorrow night; I really enjoyed the first episode — for the reasons Kate, Vee, and I talked about here. Gale Harold is soooo creepy and threatening and I love that the stakes got so high so quickly. Curious to see how closely the show follows the book series — especially when it comes to the mysterious past and the parents’ circle . . . why are so many of them dead?


Oh, Ringer. Such high hopes, so soon dashed. I watched the pilot. I watched the pilot again. I watched the second episode. It ain’t good, in my opinion. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I think I can only watch one more poorly written, ill-plotted, badly executed over-the-top wannabe noir show for one more episode. Sorry, SMG.

America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars

I’ve skipped the past few cycles but I’m back in for the All Star Models, mainly because of the ridiculous things they’re making the girls do this time. Like eating hot dogs that are the girls’ unique creations that express their “brand.” Or writing and recording original pop hits. It’s gonna be amazing. Especially now that Nigel’s shaved his head and normality has been restored.


The Bravermans are the best. Two episodes into season 3 — Adam and Crosby, Sarah and the super hot English teacher, even Julia’s adoption plotline is fascinating. And I love Alex — Michael B. Jordan needs to be on every show for all time. My only complaint is that sometimes the dynamic between Adam and Christina is a little too patriarchal for my taste. Their conversation about how Adam needs to financially support the family and Christina just wants to ‘help’? What was that? Minor quibble — I love this show and every last member of that family. And the super hot English teacher.

New Girl

Now this is a show I shall watch while folding the laundry or making supper or something or other — super cute and super sit-com-y. Zooey is certifiably a charmer. Will it get tired after a while? Maybe, my friends, maybe.

I haven’t watched the premiere of Revenge yet, but have heard good things — will definitely check that one out — as well as Hart of Dixie when it premieres next week. And Community and Parks and Rec. I’m also in The Lying Game, but have fallen a few episodes behind. So many shows!! Am I missing any good ones?

Perdidos! Lost Season 6 Promo

I don’t know if I’ve ever blogged about LOST (the brill Nikki Stafford’s blog Nik at Nite is my one stop for all matters Losty) but this killer promo for season 6 needs a post! It’s from CUATRO, the Spanish station that airs the show.

Did the hand of God just put the Statue down on the board? Mystifying. Genius. WTF. Brain melt.

Good Thing I Have a PVR

Only one more week to Gossip Girl (and my book launch! you should come), and in the meantime we could talk about some of those other TV shows.

[But if you want to read a little interview between Ausiello and actor Neal Bledsoe (whose GG character has been much talked about in regards to his I-won’t-spoil-it-but-you-probs-already-know scene) it’s here and it’s charming.]

I’m confused about whether or not to watch the return of 90210. As you faithful readers know, I really really did not enjoy that parade of lame last season, but the series has that new showrunner on a mission. Will she be able to improve Shanae Grimes acting ability? Doubtful. Will she be able to control AnnaLynne McCord’s overacting ability? Impossible. I may tune in (tomorrow, Tuesday, at 8pm on the CW) for curiosity’s sake.

Might as well start early, as I will be in front of my telly at 9pm to watch the CW’s reboot of Melrose Place. The original Melrose was too much campy soapy fun not to watch, and this one seems to have recaptured the glory. It’s a season-long murder mystery! It’s got Ashley Simpson! And Michael Mancini’s son!

I finally watched the pilot episode of Glee (this Wednesday at 9pm on Fox). Even after hearing months of hype about this awesome charming show, Glee was awesome. And charming. The episode ended and I just wanted to watch another right away. (Lucky for me I waited so long to see it; you poor people who watched it in the spring and had to wait this long.)

So You Think You Can Dance season 6 premieres right before Glee. Up in Canada, our version of SYTYCD is on right now. Before it started, I wondered if I would suffer SYTYCD fatigue — watching season 5, then Canada’s season 2, and not be into season 6. Turned out the judges and host on our version are just way too annoying for words, and I’ve given up on SYTYCD Canada. When I watch the U.S. version, all I want is the ability to vote. Now I have it and I am squandering it. But seriously Jean-Marc is an excellent choreographer, terrible judge. And Leah Miller doesn’t have 1/100th of Cat Deeley’s charm. Don’t get me started on Tré. So welcome back American SYTYCD. It hasn’t been long, but your inferior cousin made me miss you.

Not sure about The Beautiful Life (Wed. Sept 16, 9pm on the CW), but I’ll probably watch the pilot episode just to see Mischa Barton play a disgruntled supermodel. I’m also going to give The Vampire Diaries a shot (this Thursday, 8pm on the CW), but I ain’t expecting much.

I’m an intermittent watcher when it comes to House (Mon Sept 21, 8pm on Fox), but the premise for season 6 looks awesome: House has checked himself into a mental institute.

Yesterday I finally finished watching season 1 of Dollhouse (Fri. Sept 25, 9pm on Fox), that show that took 9 episodes to get interesting…. The best episode of the season is the one that wasn’t aired (it’s on the DVDs and on iTunes). Things get trippy and apocalyptic and awesome in episode 13. Not sure if season 2 will pick up there or where we left Echo/Caroline in ep12, but I have finally seen the Joss Whedon Potential in this show. (There was something very Angel about the last episodes of season 1.)

As for those hyped super sci/fi dramas — Flash Forward, V, whatever else — I think I’m going to sit them out. Wait and see which one’s the must-see series and pick it up late. I have too many teen-centric shows to watch! No time for aliens or time travel! (Until Lost season 6, of course.)

What have I forgotten? Anything awesome you’ll be watching that I have totes missed? (Not including the return of The Office and 30 Rock. D’of course, we’ll be watching.) More season premiere dates here!


trying not to
walk across the street to the movie theatre to see My Sister’s Keeper tonight & all by myself. bad idea, right? oh man…i am in the mood for a cry festival of cheeztastic proportion! it’s probably because i’m…


  • New Moon. yes. as in Twilight book #2. i got to the much-discussed part where the passage of time spent without Edward is marked by pages empty but for the name of the month. oh so glorious. no one knows pain like Bella. no one.
  • the other YA series I got into recently was Generation Dead by Daniel Waters — loved the first book. the second was less than stellar…and had a really really bad cover.
  • up soon on the reading list are books written by women I’ve worked with: Emily Schultz’s Heaven Is Small and Lauren Kirshner’s Where We Have to Go
  • the manuscript of Nikki Stafford‘s Finding Lost — Season 5 book!

listening to

waiting for
So You Think You Can Dance to start…

annoyed by
milk going sour before its due date. seriously, argggh. (don’t cry over spoiled milk.)

excited that
I will hold my book in my hands in a few short weeks. Oh man. I am scared and a little unbelieving that I actually got it done and it wasn’t in crazy-language. Did I tell you this? When I was in the final days before handing in season 1, I was worried in my crazy-overworked state that I had somehow lost my mind and written the whole manuscript in what looked like proper English to me, but was actually gobbledy-gook. And I’d give it to my editor and she’d be like, Um, I think the file is corrupt and/or you are mentally unsound.

but that didn’t happen. I totally wrote Spotted in English. Mostly. A few made-up words.

Oh man I am late for work

My roommate doesn’t read my blog (good to know in case I want to reveal anything and not get in trouble!) so on Tuesday night I had the pleasure of telling him: Guess what I’m not watching this week or ever? Privileged or Nine Oh. And with Battlestar Galactica starting up again, and Lost, I think the Season of Forbes has arrived. (He did sit through an episode of Hannah Montana — and laughed once — so don’t think I won’t continue to subject him to what he deems crap telly.)

“Uh oh, is it war?” asks Dorota. In this Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, the writers remember that these characters go to school and don’t always loiter in the courtyard and hallways. They go INTO the school and to classes. I think the only time we’ve ever seen the girls in class was gym, when B and S had a field hockey throwdown. Other than that? No time in class or with teachers (unless they are in big troubles with Headmistress Queller). The “You’ve Got Yale” promo is here:

And the Gossip Girls are Cover Girls this month, with Blake Lively on Vogue, Leighton Meester on Teen Vogue, and Taylor Momsen on CosmoGirl‘s Prom issue. Poor Leighton; this cover sux. AlltheWine twittered this link to Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick on The Views the other day. If those hosts call the show Gossip GirlS one more time…

ALSO I will have the cover for my book REALLY soon! I love it beaucoup and I hope you guys do too.

** Nikki sent me this link to a story about the Gossip Girl spinoff — rumor is that it’ll be about Lily in the ’80s. ZOMG, potentially awesome and potentially hilarious.