In Review

1. Taming of the Shrew
The dancing was lovely. The costumes were beautiful. But man, does the story fill me with rage. It didn’t help that the ballerina playing Katherina looked 12, so in addition to it being a story about destroying a woman’s spirit, it was reminiscent of Law & Order SVU. Drunken ass kidnaps 12-year-old and starves her into loving him. I’ve seen that episode more than once.

2. Anti-war rally
Excellent turnout, sunny day, good to state one’s opinion. New buttons on my bag.

3. St. Patrick’s Day
The gang: S’rain, Michelle, Sarah, Forbes, Ola, Nadine for a minute, and S. Markle for an hour.
The booze: 5 Bloody Caesars. 5 extra shots. 6 vodkas. 8 Bailey’s. 2 whiskeys. 8 Long Islands. 4 Tom Collins (called for the day “Michael Collins”). 12 half-pints of Guinness. 4 Amsterdam Blondes. 3 pints Guinness. 1 Moosehead. A few free rounds of Jägermeister.
Of note: No one barfed. We wrote a lovely song called “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” and wore sparkly green top hats.

4. Battlestar Galactica
Forbes & I are nearly caught up. Just one more episode (well, plus tonight’s). Which means we saw the very exciting “Maelstrom.” I adore this show.

5. Premonition
Erino and I should have known better. What a suckfest. It felt about 3 hours long (and was only 90 minutes). There was one kinda spooky creepy part … that’s it. About 3/4 in, out of nowhere, the movie hits ya on the head with its traditional Christian values. Wha? And Sandra B. wears about 90 different pajama outfits. And there’s a hugging montage. Not even joking. However, on the plus side, the fountain pop at the Market Square Rainbow Cinema was top notch.

I think I’ll watch The 39 Steps now so I can remember what good thrillers are like. Peace and carrots.


Reading Railroad

i have officially given up on The Historian. Five-hundred pages in, I got stuck. I would just look at it sitting on my little table and not want to pick it up. That meant that I didn’t read anything (by any ‘thing’ i mean ‘book,’ for i read loads of other things: blogs and ads and emails and page proofs and food packages…) for two weeks. I’ll try again in a few years. So I’ve walked it out to the my main bookshelf and put it away. The question is: will I read all the book club posts on it and potentially come across plot spoilers? I think I will.

I made an excellent choice for my post-Historian read: Housekeeping vs. The Dirt by Nick Hornby. I got this book for chrimbo from my aunt & uncle (well, technically for the winter solstice, cause that’s what they celebrate). It’s a collection of Nick’s essays on what he’s reading and his thoughts on reading/writing. A perfectly bookish present for your niece who works in publishing. When I opened it (not in their presence) I must have made a face cause my da said, oh good, I hate Nick Hornby too. The only thing he had read and I had subsequently read was How to Be Good. (I mistakenly plucked my da’s copy out of a box on its way to Goodwill, along with The Alchemist.) I only vaguely remember the plot of it now but I do know I thought it was dreadfully useless, not funny, and trying very hard to be clever. Off to Goodwill it went with the half-read copy of The Alchemist.

So I wasn’t too jazzed about more Hornby. But since I am SO open-minded, I gave him a shot. I decided my litmus test with Housekeeping v. Dirt would be his reaction to The Dirt — the Motley Crue memoir — cause I had a very strong one. Two years ago, I started reading it and had this to report after 50 pages: i abhor them [motley crue]. they are vile and nasty and have done and then reported to the world plainly & simply terrible things. I literally threw the book across the room in disgust.

The Dirt didn’t pop up til late in this very slim book (such a nice change post-historian) and by the time it did, Nick and I were getting along quite well. I quite enjoyed reading about what he was reading about. He does try to be clever but I found him charming and most of the time, well, clever. It had the same appeal to me as Kerry’s blog: how books come to you, how you read them, and what you think of them (among other bits & bobs about life) from a writer’s perspective.

Reading the essay about The Dirt made me laugh out loud on the streetcar. He reprints one particularly awful sentence from the book in teeny tiny print so you must participate in your own corruption.

And weirdly, The Dirt isn’t a bad book. For a start, it’s definitive, if you’re looking for the definitive book on vile, abusive, misogynistic behavior: if there are any worse stories than this in rock and roll, they aren’t worth telling, because the human mind would not be capable of comprehending them without the aid of expert gynecological and pharmaceutical assistance.
Oh, but what do any of these things matter? Is it really possible that Motley Crue have destroyed all the literature in the world, everything that came before them, and everything written since? I rather fear it is.

So there you have it. I (of course) had a more rageful, less funny response to the book but Nick and I agreed. I’d read his essays again. (I’ll still give his fiction a pass though and wait to rent the film adaptations.)

Next up: Lullabies for Little Criminals. Super Club Member Barbie B gave me a copy over Chrimbo and it’s been waiting to be read. I picked it up off the shelf yesterday and do quite love it (about 100 pgs in). Excellent time to start it: yesterday it won Canada Reads.

On the way to meet Erin after work yesterday, I was reading it on the 501 streetcar and the woman beside me was spying on it, trying to read the odd sentence here and there. When I put it away just before my stop, she asked me what I thought of it so far and we had a very brief bookish conversation, which included us saying in unison, “Canada Reads!” What could be better than that?

After a very romantic candlelit dinner, Erin and I made our way over to Tasha’s via the Eaton Centre. We stopped in Sephora (a make-up emporium) to smell some super-sweet perfumes (Brit’s perfume totally won the smell test). And in addition to lip plumper & bronzer, they were selling a Sephora edition of Monopoly. Who the frak would buy that? That is absurd, right?

My mum just called. Tomorrow we are going on a wee road trip out to the Lake Huron hood (with da in the car and maybe a sibling or cousin too) to look at a house where my mum might happily live when she retires. Guess where the house is? CooCoo Valley. Perfect.

crash. smash.

no food + food = contentment. and apparently, a bit of daftness. i was silly today and ate very little until near faintsville. then picked up a burrito from the place at the corner by my apt, never been there before. will go again. soooooo good. and likely not just cause i was famished. now i am in a happy state of full.

long time no blog. let’s update by category:

reading: still the historian. the pace has definitely picked up (i’m around pg 260). nikki and i were talking about it and it truly is best described as what the da vinci code should have been, plus vampires. (in Buffy terms, not Spike or Angel vampires, more like the Master.) book #4 of 2007 (sadly that is all) goes to another ecwer: The Making of the Potterverse. now i want to reread my potter books. i was feeling rather disillusioned following what i would call the travesty of book 6. but i shall play along and get excited about #7, after reliving the past 10 yrs of the potterverse. also reading this month’s issue of Bust magazine. sadly the formerly cool/interesting and now relentlessly dippy gwen stefani is on the cover. however, it comes to the office for free and we
mustn’t complain.

in it, a very appalling news piece about Maryland (and North Carolina) state rape law:

“According to the court, Maryland law states that once you’ve said yes and the act has begun, you can’t change your mind. This means that even if you explicitly say no — withdrawing your consent — and ask the person to stop, you are not legally within your rights to expect the other person to do so; and if he continues, despite your objections, it’s not rape.”

utterly dumbfounding. and a dumb founding. it never ceases to amaze me that people with such backward ideas, devoid of human decency, are in a position to propagate them.

hmm. now full of rage. was planning on giving the much-overdue update on Kurt and Charlotte but i fear the plot may turn into a murder (minus the mystery) now.

…but it looks like it doesn’t matter as my internet connection has tuckered out. like me it is tired from a long day of transmitting information. rest, dear webternet. you’ve had a busy decade.

before i give up, one more thing, in case i vanish leaving only this post with which to track my disappearance:

in the past 24 hours i have been startled by three frightening out-of-the-blue no explanation or cause crashes. one last night — it seemed like something flew across the room and hit the wall — and two this morning — i was standing next to my desk and twice there was a noise as if something had crashed onto it, but nothing…all the things were in the same place. mysterious indeed.

oh! hurrah. the haunter has made my internet work again. for that i thank you.

soon time for veronica mars. hopefully nikki and i will agree on this episode’s jazz factor. i do hate to quarrel. one thing we do agree on is how to spell frakkin. greatest nerd discussion this year: one K or two?

so more than one more thing: as nikki reported, our very favourite Joss Whedon has directed an episode of our very favourite The Office. the world is not all bad, just 98.9%. crossover visits with favourite shows and/or entertainment folks is always brillo. let’s remember when Joss went to Neptune: