In a World of Mostly Suck, A List of Good

1. Lily Allen “Everything’s Just Wonderful”

This has been my theme song for the past month or two. I lurve the poppy delight of her sound and the bite of her lyrics. Her other stuff is good too (“Smile”). Points to Lily.

2. See You Next Tuesday
Tuesday evening programming on the CBC

I like watching the Rick Mercer Report followed by This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Those shows are (mostly always) funny. And the humour is so Canadian focused. Something I miss in the rest of my television shows. Of which there is no shortage. Also, I
don’t catch the news that often (terrible I know) so I catch up on my Cdn politics this way. The jokes help temper my frustration/rage.

3. Comedy Night on the National Broadcasting Corporation
The Office + 30 Rock = 44 minutes of pure joy/week. This week’s episode of The Office was Sir Captain Joss Whedon’s. Brilliant. It makes me want a PVR so I can watch it again and again and again. (Or I could hook-up the VCR.) Read Nikki’s blog for the highlights.

Adam was all busy this week (he was in some Osgoode sketch comedy thing that was a grand success!) and missed all our shows.

Today (while we were watching the British Office) he expressed his regret at having missed the shows and said, “It’s tough having a life.”

4. Cheese and Friends
As I mentioned to Erin yesterday, my life could be described thusly: cheese melts meets Buffy.

Last night, the Super Club had a meeting. We had booze and food and chatter. We just might have a field trip to NYC to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. New members welcome.

I truly have a lot of really excellent friends. Definitely something to put on this List of Good. Oh — also the other day I decided I shall start describing friends as “dear” rather than “best.” It’s not a competition, is it?

[Adam just started singing along to “slave 4 u.” that definitely wins the label of “best.”]

5. Dreaming I have pink hair.

**Update: if this is true, then it definitely is #6 on the List of Good: Spice Girls to Reunite.


steely resolve

one resolution i forgot about: to blog more. plus de blogging, as they say in France and Quebec. i’ll be aiming to beat the number of posts per month from previous years and with this post I have beat Jan. 2006. booyah, as Amie would say (and she is a French teacher). 2005 was a banner year for the Tribune with 17 posts in January alone. you are toast, 2005.

Let the games begin.