rainy sunday

seems like it’s been raining all night and all morning and i am sitting in my Stefan chair (see this post for an explanation), doing a little proofreading of a very fine companion guide to Lost‘s final season, looking at my new T-Rex pal, and drinking what i’m sure is too much coffee.

my reading frenzy continues with: Megan McCafferty’s Sloppy Firsts (loved it; this review made me pick it up); Maggie Stiefvater‘s Linger (between her blog, twitter, & LJ, she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite authors online); Suzanne Collin’s Catching Fire; Sara Zarr’s Sweethearts (which also came via Forever Young Adult — their How to Judge a YA Book by Its Cover post had me rofling); the third book in the Vampire Academy series, Shadow Kiss; and Let Me In, which unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to finish before it’s due back at the library. Thanks to Goodreads, I’m going to save my page and come back to it another day!

On the docket for this afternoon: trying out Smoke’s Poutinerie (finally…) with four-fifths of the Knitting Club; having some sort of non-soaked-in-the-rain activity with my out-of-town pal whom I adore, Clairey, and her fiance; start in on my second half of Gossip Girl season 3 rewatch (so I can write up the continuation of these surprisingly popular posts); and loads of boring dullsville things that involve vacuums and cleaning products and yawns.

Word on the street (and by that I mean twitter…) is that Amazon.com is shipping Love You to Death a few days early, so watch your mailbox, folks with pre-ordered copies! (Thanks for the head’s up, @Katelinnea!) There’s still time to enter the giveaway over at Bite on This and/or the Vampire Stalkers giveaway — and remember to tune in to the VRO on Tuesday if you’d like to hear me chatting about the book and TVD. I’m really excited about it.

There are only 11 hours and some-odd minutes left in the Vampire Support auction of a signed copy of my book! Keep on bidding — proceeds are going to a great cause! Check out the Vampire Support blog for a fun Ian Somerhalder & Candice Accola related update…

i better go get ready for the “poutine hangout” — got a haircut recently and who knows what my shorter bangs are up to. yikes.


I have a date with Hank Moody tonight

first and foremost: big happy birthday to Claire of the Clazz-a-Tron. I hope you have/are having a wunderbar b-day filled with pals and champagne and less work than you imagined. Love you to the maximus.

Britney’s new single was released just in time for Claire’s birthday. It is called “Womanizer.” On my first listen (at work, snuck into the board room) I was not over-the-moon, ecstatic, zomg. BUT let me tell you that (1) Britter’s second singles are always better than her first (see: Toxic, Piece of Me, Stronger) and (2) this song gets really awesome really quickly. Just listen to it twice more and you will lurve it. I like the stuttering chorus best because it is effing fun to sing along to. It def harks back to the “ooh ooh baby” song from Blackout, but has less of that weird hockey anthem vibe and more awesomesauce. I have a feeling Circus is going to better than Blackout and that album is EXCELLENT.

in news of other returns of great things, Hank Moody and the Californication ace gang are back tonight on Showtime. I may get to watch the first four episodes tonight because some people have mad access to screening copies (not me). Sharelle, do not die of jealousy. What the heck is going to happen to Hank now that he’s got what he wants? Oh the temptation of life in Hell-A. You can follow Mia on Twitter if you are the kind of person who follows fictional characters on social networking sites (I am). And you can follow me on Twitter if you are the kind of person who understands the point of Twitter at all (I do not but still I twitt).

Today is Word on the Street and there are millions, literally MILLIONS, of ECWers reading. I’m a-heading down later this afternoon for some bookish excellence. There are loads of ECW book launches in the next few months, especially in the next few weeks: the Show that Smells launch, the Dora Borealis launch, and the Richard Crouse TINARS event. We are going to have a laugh and a half so you should come on out.

Since I watch everything else on the CW — good (Gossip Girl) or bad (90210) or mediocre with flashes of crazy (America’s Next Top Model) — I gave Privileged a whirl and watched the first three episodes. It’s about a perky Yale graduate who wants to be a writer of important biographies but is working at a tabloid, giving herself crappy dye jobs, and having apartment fires. That is the first 5 minutes. But then! she lands a $1500-a-week job as a live-in tutor to two orphaned, spoiled teenage girls. The tutor, Megan Smith, is played by an actress who really reminds me of Amy Whats-her-face from Enchanted. The two girls are kinda fun — one is a sweet pushover, the other a domineering schemer. The show is really not that great but highly watchable. And it’s WAY better than New 90210. Which is not saying much, I know.

Anyway, my two main nitpicks are (1) way too many headscarves! what is going on? are they on Team Serena? and (2) the girls go to an exclusive yacht party (“Kanye might show”) and they need to step up the fashion. So the Pushover Girl, Rose, wears a dress that Miley Cyrus wore to the Country Music Awards two years ago.

FAIL. We remember these things, Costume Designer. Especially when one has worked on a book on Ms. Miley. I might know what Miley wore to every awards show ever so don’t try trotting that stuff out again.

Tonight is also Gossip Girl night on A-Channel. Serena and Blair have a total friendship meltdown as S decides to stop living in the shadows and be the socialite/model she was born to be. The preview makes it look like S is modeling in Eleanor Waldorf’s Fashion Week show. Did they learn nothing from last season’s “S models in an Eleanor Waldorf campaign” episode? GEEZ.