mind the gap: some randoms pour vous

i like salty snacks and pickled things and wonder why i’m always thirsty.

every morning this week i missed a streetcar by mere seconds.

i am reading A Week of This written by a very smrt and funny man and one day soon you’ll get to too.

cold veggie dogs + mustard = not as gross as it sounds.

ordering things from the internet means excellent packages arrive at your home and you get to look at the excellent contents even if you will be giving them away shortly. mail is the best. it’s also a relief to know that things (in my vair limited experience) look as good at home as they do on etsy.

i had the pleasure of chatting with a guy from Dark Horse (they of the Buffy Season 8 comic) at the cocktail party post-sales conference the other night. guess how cool that was. (correct.)

in very few minutes (i should really get out the door now christ almighty), i am
going here and will also see this one in addition to a bevy of other brill ladies who are blogless and thus linkless. sarah d., it’s time. in fact overdue.


*blackout* (not the Britney album)

hey y’all. i’ve gots power over here at my place. you? driving home with sarah d. was an adventure — the streets were vair dark along gerrard. country dark. sunnydale at the end of days dark. but all the lights are ablaze in my apartment and gossip girl will not go unwatched. phew.

now (re)reading: The Golden Compass, in preparation for the film vers, obvs. (who has time for typing out whole words?) and the TPL just lent me the aforementioned Shock Doctrine and No One Belongs Here More Than You. I know it’s old news but if you haven’t looked at the latter’s brill website you should right now.

in other news, what the frak is for dinner?

in other other news, the BSG tv movie Razor was NOT THAT GREAT. I know! I never feel that way about the BSG. (Except for that shitty documentary-style talking to the cameras bullshit phone-it-in episode. I didn’t like that one.) Razor definitely picked up in the second hour but I missed the focus being on the BSGers I know and love and the main plotline (where the frak is Earth and when will the Cylons leave us alone?). The last five minutes make the whole thing worth watching tho. Duh-duh-duh is how it makes you feel.

also you should know that i am one of those people they talk about on the news who is doing more online shopping from u.s. stores (but only good folksy ones). speaking of, i have some stuff i need to purchase… and some tea to make and then sip and slurp.

1 book, 2 book, 3 book, 4

I have been lax in reporting on my reading of late — most notable omissions = The God Delusion and Persepolis. Both of which come with the Calhoun Stamp of Approval. Getting almost all of my books from the Toronto Public Library can be both a blessing and a curse for at the moment I have nothing to read (that isn’t already on my shelf languishing) and I just know that there will be an unreadable amount of books ready for me all at once. That’s when I find out which ones I really want to read (Click) and which ones I think I should read (The Shock Doctrine).

100 Notable Books of the Year, according to the New York Times
And of those 100, I have read just one (erm, Harry Potter) and have one on my shelf unread (Leonard Woolf: A Biography). There are several on the list I’d like to read (After Dark, The View from Castle Rock, Yiddish Policemen’s Union) and others I would never (The Diana Chronicles). And you?

when the tv is off

things have been very tv-centric here at the Tribune. i also do other things sometimes (not often) and enjoy them (for the most part).

Now reading: The Outlander by Gil Adamson
I gleefully announce that I actually know this mighty fine wordsmith as she is a longtime superstar freelance editor for ECW. However, until picking up The Outlander, all I had read of her writing were emails and funny post-its stuck to manuscripts (they get vair funny; Jen often has to share Gil’s brilliance with me). Now I’m only 96 pages in but lemme tell ya what I know so far: I like it. A lot. The tiny details and the big picture — all captivating. You know when you read a sentence and you’re like, “That’s just right and I’ve felt that & known it but never thought to phrase it just like that, perfectly”? That plus the story just compels you forward, to find out about our main girl.

And the latest issue of Shameless arrived in the mail the other day. So double bonus bells for me.

Lunch Break.

Guess what time of the year it is at ECW? Books comin’ back from the printer time of year. They are sooooo pretty and new. Finding Lost: Season 3 just arrived mere half-hours ago and it’s just perfect. Last week we got our two fall poetry titles and the paper is tres beauteous (oh and the words inside). And of course, Erin’s cover design worked out just right for our Heroes book.

In other news, I am testdriving some new tv shows this fall. One I tried to resist but it’s so bad it’s good and I can’t look away. That one is Gossip Girl. Oops. I know it’s awful. But wickedly watchable. It’s on tonight and I cannot wait. Oops. I tried Journeyman last night and found that I really don’t care about people helping people through time travel adventures. Unless your name is Dr. Who. While I was cooking some delicious ratatouille last night (which I am eating this very second), I decided to watch a seriously crap show called Big Shots. It’s a show about four asshole CEOs. They have problems. With women. We can be such stereotypical pests all the time, can’t we ladies? The pilot featured a running joke about one guy getting caught with a transvestite prostitute. Ohmigod. Can you even believe such hilarity and risque saucy talk? AHHHH. I vote for cancellation. Immediately.

Heroes was better last night than the week before. It featured such excellent moments as: Claire cutting off her own toe; Peter greased up and beat up (shirtless and someone sure spent their hiatus at the gym); a cool transition effect with Mohinder going from Haiti to that annoying guy’s office in one shot; a brief moment when I thought the annoying Kensei was actually killed off; no Niki/Jessica — second week in a row! Boo on: the two new plots of tracing the mysterious spreading virus and tracking down the other 7 (8?) paintings. I want more Sylar and brain snatching! And when does everyone’s favourite girl detective, Veronica Mars, show up? Soon I hope. (In the meantime I get my VMars from Gossip Girl.)

My earrings are little zebra heads. And they come all the way from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Zebras.

piss and vinegar

i leave my computer overnight at work lotsa days. that means no bloggery. so, sorry about that. i guess.

today’s dinosaur comic is particularly hilarious. maybe cause of the pointing? i am not sure. (if you click on it, you’ll be able to read the whole thing. or maybe it’s just my screen that is cutting off part of the funny.)
the idea with the wallet thing is that if someone asks you the difference between ethics and morals you can just throw your wallet at them and say 'IT'S IN THERE'

soon i am going to my friend’s house for supper + the office.

tomorrow is Claire’s birthday. she will be elderly. she will soon require people to help her cross the road.

I read Clay by David Almond since the library was kind enough to lend it to me. It’s not like Skellig (except for the boy protagonist whose life changes when he encounters a strange magical stranger); it’s more grown-up and monstrous. But bliddy good. Now reading Winkie, and Jen was right.

And finally, I have been in a serious grump all week long (maybe two weeks?). Misery coating on everything. But please don’t ask why cause there is nothing that i can properly articulate and i don’t wanna lie to you.

Shake it off, shake it off: The Office. Nuit Blanche. Bluegrass Brunch with people I haven’t seen in 10 years. Edmonton? And best of all, new baby new baby new baby.

Introducing Tabitha Soxfield

I’ve invented some pretty decent aliases over the years; Georgia Tot Sint Jans comes to mind, as does the #1 champion last name of Calhoun. And I have a new one (inspired in part by the Grocery Gateway delivery person): Tabitha Soxfield. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do with that name, but something. It’s just marvy. And a google search came up empty-handed (did I mean Tabitha Foxfield? nope.) so it’s mine all mine.

News: Had my first ballet class with Sarah D. We both did very well (she is better at the ballet technique, and so on) and I am sooooo glad we are going. My life has already improved by a million. (That is a serious exaggeration.)

Books: Just finished Skellig by David Almond…I’ve read several books for young’uns lately, and I think this one takes the cake. It’s such a straightforward book about the most extraordinary things; you just march along between the sadly realistic and the realistically fantastical. Claire tells me a film adaptation is in the works and I can see how it would translate quite well. I’ll be reading David Almond’s Clay next. (The TPL has given me a stack of books all at once and I wonder if I’ll manage to get thru ’em.)

Today: A pumpkin patch with Erino and S’rain since it’s autumn, officially.

TV TK: The Office starts up again this week and you can bet I am happy about that. Bet on it. It’s a safe bet. Tho I am reluctant (and have already missed ep. #1), I think I shall try ANTM again this cycle. It will be awful and exactly as it has been for eight cycles but but but so hard to look away. Have I expressed my undying love for Weeds? I am rewatching S.1 with R. and just saw the episode that ends with Selia (sp?) saying, “I took a lude.” Oh it knocks my socks off.

The font is now bigger as per K’s request. Too big or just right?