At Laura’s request: I am back to the blogging! (At least for right this second.)

I’m one sleep away from embarking on a 28 Day Transformation challenge (I hope I transform into a unicorn or cheetah), and although there is a private Facebook group for questions and venting and all that good stuff, I just might post here too about what is happening and what is effing hard.

Here’s what I think will be effing hard: two days of “light fasting.” I have never light-fasted in my life, save for when I am asleep. I keep reminding myself that I will not be Actually Fasting, that millions of people fast routinely and they don’t drop dead at their desks, and that I have a lot a lot a lot of stored-up energy in my fatty fat deposits ready for consuming. But, also, no coffee for those first two days.

It’ll be fine, right? It’ll be fine.

It will be more than fine because I am super duper sick of gaining weight and never exercising and feeling lousy. So, challenge accepted. Let’s turn this tanker around. (I say that not to be disparaging about my size; just it takes a lot of effort to turn an ocean-traversing vessel to a new direction. I am that ship. Okay, a little disparaging about my weight gainage.)

Wish me luck.


One thought on “transformer

  1. GOOD LUCK! I will be following your experience with great interest because – man. I am right there with you. (I was doing so well at the beginning of the year, too! Ugh.) Can’t wait for our therapeutic Skype catch-up session! I need quality Crissy face time. Miss you mucho. xo

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