microphone check micro-microphone check

um, hi. I stopped doing all the things I wanted to be doing for a good six weeks, two and a half months. but I’m fixing to get back into it.

Went to the nutritionist on Monday. She reminded me to prepare for the lazy days or the busy days when I’m feeling best and able (freeze burger patties! eat ’em instead of frozen pizzas on the can’t be bothered dinner days); to celebrate my successes (I do not buy flavoured yogurt anymore — goodbye bonus sugar!); and to always eat an afternoon snack so I am not so desperate for dinner. I love snacks!!

So that was a pep-up.

I also did a goodly amount of walking and swimming while on vacation and remembered how great that is, and now the weather is inching towards nice and the sun is sometimes out and goddamn winter, get gone with you.

so, Spring, hope, pep getting into step again, words being typed into this here blogging window, etc.


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