morning, morning. The plant I bought a few weeks back, a primrose, is in a state and I need to save it. It is wilted and its flowers are just done with existing and its leaves are floppy and is it too cold or too hot, or too thirsty? Project Primrose: Activate.

I am also project primrose-ing my own self (what? I dunno, I have not had very many sips of coffee, okay?). yesterday was a soft launch, starting with me deleting the games from my phone and ipad. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that I was constantly playing Two Dots and some form of candy crushing and whatever else I could get my hands on while bingeing podcasts (and a little X-Files action, in honour of Scully’s return last night).

But those days are over! A fond-ish memory and no more. I did yoga yesterday morning, and today I got up a little closer to my official wake-up time and did my yoga. And guess what? I still like it and it still makes me feel better than before. (My wrist is unhappy tho, so I do a very, very weird downward dog and cobra thing.)

Today I’m going to add my walking back in, and I’m back to Ban-uary rules as of yesterday. I figured out a new monitoring system for exercise, weight, & steps right in my little calendar book, but I’m not sure how I want to monitor my diet yet. It’s too much for that page; am I keeping a second journal thing that I write in in the evenings? I’ve tried the apps in the past and found them a bit too laborious. Let’s try the evening recap.

My mind palace finally feels cleared up — I blazed thru a lot of work clutter this weekend, and just feel more On It than I have since, oh I dunno, early December. The one thing that is making me a little cray-cray is my tinnitus. It is just so screamy these days, you guys. Like, shhhhhhh plz & thx. But healthier diet, exercise, yoga, good sleeps, and all those things that are generally good for humans are good for humans with incredibly annoying buzzing imaginary sounds in their mind palaces too. (realizing I still haven’t watched the Sherlock chrimbo special; what is my damage.)

Anywho, that is the status report on me.

Reading recommendation: Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. I agree with Toni Morrison: it should be required reading.


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