Quick hello from the 47th floor hotel room. There are instructions about how to open the window that I think should read “don’t.”

All my habits are out the window (habits window unfortunately does open) at the moment. But trip good so far: one big meeting done, one this afternoon.

 Saw Fun Home last night and loved it, and it was cool to see how they adapted a graphic novel into a musical, and in a theatre in the round no less. Also the kids were so so good and talented and little heartbreakers, and Castro from the Good Wife (sorry Tony-winning actor, I am a tv person and that is who you are to me) was stunning too. I met Alison Bechdel for one second about 9 years ago on another work trip to NYC and bought Fun Home from her at the comics festival we were at, and ❤️❤️❤️ is how I feel about all that. 



2 thoughts on “manhattan

  1. SUPER jealous you saw Fun Home!! I’m going to NYC in March and I’m crossing my fingers for that one. Did you buy tickets in advance? Are you going to see anything else? Try the Hamilton lottery! (Because obvs tickets to this one are selling for THOUSANDS of dollars.)

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