Tammy very rightly pointed out that I like doing my super cheese dance party exercise sessions — and that made me realize that I am doing a classic Obliger thing. Work is busy, social life is busy and I’m prioritizing those obligations over the ones I’ve made to myself, even though I like doing the things I want to be doing. Prioritizing, or using the external obligations as a loophole to get out of the sometimes-very-hard work of changing my habits.

at any rate, no I didn’t do any exercise yesterday (I’m 1/5 for the week, with two days left) and no I haven’t yoga’d. Surprising no one, the number on my scale is not as low as it was when I was rocking this game in November.

that is a problem for another day! for today is the annual Ladies Brunch, and I am jazzed to the max about it. 8 pals, mimosas forever, lots of tasty food, a yankee swap, and general good times and catch-ups. And Leanna already Instagrammed her yankee swap present (not so secret santa, I guess), and it’s a goodie. Erin and I are going to form an alliance and win it for the apartment. Unless she double-crosses me. We. Shall. See.

(Also if that link doesn’t work? It’s cuz I had to copy it from my phone’s Insta and then retype it on my laptop, cuz I blocked all my social media sites. This may get annoying. If it does work: follow Leanna on Insta! She takes beauteous photographs.)

Have fun on your holiday, Laura!


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