So I have this great program on my laptop called Anti-Social which I got when I was writing books to keep me actually writing the book: it locks you out of social networking sites (and whatever else you tell it to) for a specified period of time. So even if you absent-mindedly hop over to Facebook to see the nothing that’s been posted since you last checked, it’s like, Nah kid, back to work. But my computer has been acting wonky of late and the program crashed yesterday while I was using it, and now — way after the specified period of time has elapsed — I am still locked out.

I might keep it this way.

I have 100 other ways of checking social networks, so why not leave this little work space for things I actually want to be doing? Like when I need a break: write to friends, or read articles I’ve saved on Pocket.

26In Better than Before-ing / demerit news, I’m really NOT on the wagon in terms of yoga, wake-up times, and exercising. And walking. So, um, mostly all of it. (Food. My Ban-uary restrictions are going OK, save for tomorrow’s feast-brunch.) Back in November (and I go back to November all the time / it turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing food…) (sorry my brain is basically a forced pun + TS lyric output machine) — ahem. I was using Gretchen’s Daily Time Log to map out the week ahead, to log my steps and my weigh-ins (oh yeah, I haven’t got that habit back yet either), and to give myself lots of check marks and feel uber accomplished. Now? That time log sheet is going ignored. So I might need both a new system and a new attitude. Or just the new attitude? I don’t know.

I’m finding it hard to focus on habit change when I have my big pile of work, and a related trip next week.

At least I’ll get my steps in today when I walk to the optometrist at the end of the day and get my contact lens situation sorted out. I’m gonna get some that don’t impede my vision this time!


2 thoughts on “anti-social

  1. That’s amazing that you’ve got the food stuff in hand, because that’s a big one. Is your wrist still a problem? Because I can imagine that it’s a convenient excuse to use in your own head to avoid exercising – even if the exercising doesn’t involve your wrist. I’d like to point you to your Day 6 post, when your cheesy dance workout made you smile the whole time. It feels good!

    • the wrist does still bug me, but it’s more working (which I have to do) and cleaning (which I should do so my roomie doesn’t hate me) that makes it the worst. Well, maybe exercising will activate it too, but I haven’t done enough to know!! :|

      Also I should clarify re: food: I am doing well compared to, like, December. Lots of veg + fruit that isn’t being eaten, meal balance to be established, etc. Miles to go and all that!

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