today is a work from home day, and one of those days where I realize just how much effing stuff I have to do in a limited amount of time, and feel a slow steady panic all the livelong day. I’m hacking thru the pile, but man there is still quite a pile. Cups of tea = my salvation.

I also went out into the world for some fresh air / to buy tampons (two very necessary things) and picked up two new little plants to sit on my desk and keep me company while I toil. I love them already, and just hope I have enough sunlight for them. Please don’t die. (I also did speed-shopping and bought two sweatery-shirts at the local Mendocino, which were on sale but that was not part of the frugality plan at all, at all.)

No yoga this morning. Will be way, way low on steps. Evening exercise? TBD…


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