The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. (Carl Jung, at least according to the coffee-shop sign I pass on my way into work)

today I:

  • ate the biggest burrito in the world,
  • bought new pens, highlighters, a notebook at Staples, and while I was checking out, grabbed a stamp by the cash that said MUCH IMPROVED :) and stamped my own hand (and the cashier looked at me much bemused),
  • did NOT do my yoga in the a.m.,
  • DID have a frank chat with my boss about some of the challenges I have at work (yesss NY resolution enactment),
  • wondered if you can say “much bemused” or if that is like saying “a little bit pregnant,”
  • learned the difference between sit-ups and crunches (but did neither),
  • crossed some important things off my to-do list,
  • ignored other, arguably more important things, on my to-do list,
  • thought about what I’ll do with my two free days in NYC next week, and finally,
  • had a very exciting dance party workout to various videos by The Fitness Marshall, notably this one to “Sorry” — which means I did a lot of flailing of limbs and shaking of jiggly bits. It was epic. The hip switches and then quarter turn part is my fave.

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