Happy new year! I hope y’all had the NYE you wanted — mine was right on the money. I stayed in, watched the livestream of the fireworks from Reykjavik, ate delicious dinner from Bukhara Grill, then re-read some Better than Before before falling asleep by 10. Winner, gagnant.

Knope We CanI also did some prep for the reboot of the Revamp Project, and the habits I was forming back in November have mostly made the cut for the January 4th restart. I’m going to cut back my 6-times-weekly exercise to 5 — which is 5 more times a week than before and still great, while being more achievable.

On the resolutions front, I found this post from 2013 that I had started writing and then abandoned:

  1. Be more like Leslie Knope. So more waffles, more optimism, more can-do spirit, and one Ben Wyatt pls and thx.
  2. Read 60 books in the GoodReads challenge. I met my 55-book goal this year (56!), but didn’t do so hot on the “Read more books that aren’t either (a) published by ECW, or (b) YA fiction” front. Variety, spice of life, etc.; I will once again endeavour to broaden my reading list this year (while keeping up with my YA, naturally).

Always a good resolution to Knope things up (minus the waffles), and on the reading challenge front, I didn’t make my goal for 2015 — short by one measly book, and really if ECW’s data feed had gone out a day earlier I coulda added a fall title and made it. I rallied this week and read two novels by Liane Moriarty in two days, so I ended up at 65 of 66. (And yes, I totally count books read at work.) I’m going to knock that back to 60 books for 2016 — my spare time will be otherwise occupied in 2016! No time for boring old reading!

On the blogging frontier, WordPress sent me a report on my 2015 stats and it is pretty funny: I posted once between January 1st and October 31st, and then 39 times in the last two months. (2014? Five posts in the whole year.) 2016 should be a record-setting year for the Calhoun Tribune: I’m planning on picking back up with the daily blogs, but I don’t think I’ll keep it strictly to the topic of BtB Habits Overhaul. It can get kinda tiresome for me, and probs tiresome for you. So we’ll see what rambles I ramble on about here.

Since I have so many habits goals on the horizon, my resolutions for 2016 are a little different than in years past — less specific, broader. (And holy cow it’s odd to read NYR from 2005 — in school, with Russ, etc etc. But the basic ideas = same 11 years later.)

Anywho, I resolve to:

  1. take my health and wellness seriously, to do my best to feel my best
  2. listen to my manager and not my weasler
  3. work on being less grumbly and more fulfilled in my job
  4. be kind and compassionate, especially to my fam
  5. be frugal, even though that often means more effort on my part
  6. take up my Revamp Project with the same dedication and determination I had on November 1st.

And what more auspicious way to end my first post of 2016 than with a quotation from Virginia? As quoted by GR in BtB.

“Habits gradually change the face of one’s life as time changes one’s physical face; & one does not know it.” (from her April 13, 1929, diary)

Here’s to gradually changing the face of our lives, deliberately and in the directions we want. Happy 2016.

P.S. Go see Sisters — it is A+ funny as fuck.


3 thoughts on “2016

  1. So happy to see this post and so many good things in it and powerful ladies! Your ECW squad has your back and will help support healthfulness and less grumblage.

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