never, never, never give up: day 45

hi dear blog readers,

it is not the morning, but I’m sneaking in a blog anyway to make up for my absenteeism. Eating that lentil soup I mentioned the other day, and going to meet Other Troy for a drink in a little bit. My habits game is still weak to the max — haven’t done any of the things in the longest of time. But as JK, my Upholder Sage, kindly reminded me today: habits are hard, and don’t give up. Thus the blog post title — Never never never give up, aka a saying JK and I like to attribute to a preternaturally talented woman (Taylor, obvs), though a boring old dead guy technically said it first (Winston C.).

I was thinking the other day that my problem may be that I slipped into Moderator mode post-November, instead of sticking with Abstainer mode which is clearly what works for me. I was making one exception, then another and another, and then all of a sudden I’m eating gross pizza and marathoning telly. (Totally caught up on Empire, tho, and I was missing Cookie.) So, I think that would be a good re-starter strategy: go back to abstaining. Can I realistically do that in December with a week away at my mom’s and holiday feasts and a friend staying with us for the rest of the hols? Probs not. I think my Back At It time will be Monday, January 4th, and between now and then, I’m going to half ass it.

Then whole ass it, per Ron Swanson.



2 thoughts on “never, never, never give up: day 45

  1. I’m with you. I tried tonight. I brushed my teeth while I was bathing the girls, promising myself that there would be no holiday treats consumed. Then the girls took a looooong time to get to bed. When I finally came downstairs, I was halfway through a sugar cookie before I even realized what I was doing! So I finished it. And then had another…

  2. Maybe until January 4th, you should pick one or two habits that you liked and try to keep those up to keep you in the habit of habits. Like you’ve never really stopped stepping, and pick one other thing like Rodney or whatever. Exercise is a good one because exercise makes for more energy and less stress, and as LP and I were discussing the other day, it’s easier to eat healthy when you’re exercising also. My suggestion. (Also I CANNOT get out of bed these days. It is like being deep under the sea where there is no light and the only decent thing to do seems to be to stay under one’s giant pile of blankets. But the solstice or equinox or whatever is coming.)

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