worse than before?: day 42

dramatic reenactment of JK, LP, and me baking last year

it’s City of Craft day! today marks year 2 of an excellent holiday tradition. and by “holiday,” I do not mean Christmas. I mean Swiftmas. Tomorrow is Taylor’s birthday.

Last year JK, LP (who is indifferent to Taylor but loves a group hang), and I celebrated TS’s birthday because the 1989 album release day — which we thought would be a fun day of listening to new tunes — was dark and gross because of that fucker Ghomeshi.

So, we created a do-over day: Tay’s bday was spent going to City of Craft, then baking cat-shaped cookies and having gal pal GTs whilst subjecting Laura to Taylor on repeat. (Also we ate really good soup, which has since become a staple in my kitchen. Happy one year anniversary, lentil soup from the Stop cookbook!) This year we celebrate one day early, and we’re going to LP’s house and we’re gonna eat pesto! made by her parents! So excited. (I have been known to exclaim, Pesto is the besto, because, well, it is.) Then bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake.

ANYWAY. Fun times start soon for me. And let’s not talk about habits, or No-evering, or any of that junk, because I have nothing good to report.

I may have eaten a ton of pizza while watching a ton of TV last night. (Why haven’t Alicia and Jason smooched yet? What the heck, Good Wife writers. What the actual heck.)

Still on pause with BtB-ing. Still haven’t figured out how to kickstart this shit again. Looking forward to a dance party tonight at JK’s, so I can say I exercised once this week. Also looking forward to it because dance party at JK’s.

love, love, love,


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