same as before: day 41

I continue to be on hold. Very much on hold. All I’m doing is walking, and mostly not eating things I’ve decided not to eat. My morning routine is non-existent: I sleep in and then I doddle and then I get ready for work. No yoga, no writing block, fifty percent of the time no blog! What the heck, you guys. Is this a December thing, or a Day 30-something lack of zestful commitment? Or what. I am definitely not considering decisions final, and I didn’t send out my accountability report to the Squad on Sunday — so I am not using the best-suited-to-me of Gretchen’s strategies.

Haven’t formulated a plot to deal with my habitlessness just yet. Stay tuned.

Also LP, brace yourself: I am bringing in some Erin Smith chocolate/peanuty treat thingies, she called them downmarket truffles.



One thought on “same as before: day 41

  1. The Gretchmeister should definitely have a Troubleshooting guide in Better Than Before. Maybe we should be doing exercises while we bake and buy crafts. (Well that should get some steps at least.) Also my dance floor is an excellent workout option!

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