better than before: day 39

Morning pals. I would like to go back to sleep. Plz and thx.

I almost did the things I was supposed to yesterday: No three o’clock walk, but that is the blame of my bosses. I did not eat the toblerone that my pal brought over and I did eat lotsa fruit and veg. So. There is at least that.

Nothing really to report this morning, I guess! Better than Before-ing still feels on pause. Resuming later today. My ma goes back to the Sound, and I will go back to the exercising tonight. I wonder if I even remember how. Seems unlikely, as it has been forever and a day.

Please enjoy this gif of Bey and Nicki, in lieu of actual blogging.


2 thoughts on “better than before: day 39

  1. I totally feel on hold! Life just got insane, with the birthday and the Christmas coming and the 30+ video scripts that I need to write before the Christmas comes. But I miss it. I want to get back to it. Especially because we got these crazy Christmas boxes at work the other day – a tradition apparently. They included a BLENDER! Like, totally spoiled. But they also had lots of snacks, including an extra big chocolate bar that I did not bring home or give away, but instead hid in my desk drawer and stress-ate while writing aforementioned video scripts! Sigh.

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