better than before: day 38

Day 37? Lost to the bloglessness of yesterday. Who knows what happened. That total mystery aside, I continue to be on an unofficial break from basically doing anything I’ve been trying to do every g’d day. I would guess that Gretchen (who I was about to call “Ingrid” — need more than one sip of coffee before typing) would say I am finding loopholes, and I would say, Ingrid, you are right. I am an expert at finding loopholes.

And the funny (not funny) thing was people were saying nice things to me of late — like I look…better than before (had to). An overall sparkiness or something, and that is of course encouraging, and I certainly felt that, and now I am down to almost getting my steps in and not much else. The No-Ever rule may need to be officially re-inaugurated at some point, because it began in a week of exceptions and that has made it hard for me to quit making more exceptions. (Listen, my roommate makes very tasty chocolate chip cookies.)

So, short term goals: Get through today without eating junk. Try to hit all my fruit and veg per the dietician (it is a lot of fruit + veg!). Hit my step count & go for my three o’clock walk.

{I’m not adding evening exercise on there, because I know I won’t do it. My ma is in town, and we will probably do more colouring or British TV watching or somesuch. So Wednesday eve = exercise party times.}

Anywho. Onwards. xo.


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