better than before: day 36

26The whole question of Should I bring leftie junk food to work on Monday? is a slightly less significant one as of this morning, because last night I ATE SO MANY VERBOTEN JUNK SNACKS. Apparently, a cupboard door is not enough to keep me out. Me and my roomie were watching Jessica Jones — her secondary activity was pickling carrots, mine was jamming Cheetos into my face.

So that’s definitive evidence that keeping junk out of my house completely is the only way for me not to eat it.

My yoga and exercise count is still abysmal for the week, and I didn’t make up for it yesterday. My excuse is that we have no hot water, and I really don’t want to have to shower in freezing cold water anymore than is absolutely necessary because it is the worst. I am currently boiling water, so I can do some dishes. Yesterday I washed my hair in the sink. It’s basically pioneer times at my house. (Besides, you know, the Netflix marathon of Jessica Jones, which BTW is v. enjoyable and I am glad to see Lemond Bishop making good outside of Chicago.)

IMG_1588I did, however, go on a very long and lovely walkabout to meet up with my besties and four of their kidlets (one baby stayed home) and we went to the Junction Flea, where the kids were on a mission to find candy canes. It was pretty determined. Here they are, after acquiring the sugar, posing casually with a sleigh (right before knocking it over) (then Ava started ‘brushing her teeth’ with the candy cane). Probably it’s their fault I was so junk-food crazy by evening time. Definitely not my own fault. (Just kidding, yes it is.)

Really need to get back on the habit sleigh.


One thought on “better than before: day 36

  1. I loved Jessica Jones! It was so addicting. I completely understand not being able to do anything, because you’re glued to the tv. As for the junk food… ‘Tis the Season! Something about this time of year gets me pigging out on sweets. I even got signed up to make the desserts for Christmas dinner. Doh!

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