better than before: days 33-35

Demerit for missing two days of blogging! I have been busy eating pizza, sorry.

This was a week of Planned Exceptions and Routine Adjustment, and I was doing OK on it until hangover-time yesterday. (Work hols party was on Thursday night.) My yoga & exercising has been low, as planned due to cat care, but also my diet this week has been lacking in the fruit + veg, and has been very high on the pizza.

Title: HONEY 2
I just happened to be wearing my red&black plaid shirt whilst watching Honey 2 & totally fit in with the crew in this critical scene.

Last night I had two pals over to watch Honey and Honey 2: Dipped in Culture* — the sequel is better than the original times 1,000,000 — and they very hilariously brought honey balls and honey dijon chips as snacks. As it turns out, I still like chips and Skittles and ginger ale. A pre-Planned Exception for my No-ever life, but now I have the leftover treats and am not sure who to unload them on. Maybe I bring them to work on Monday and the people who are not No-ever-ers will appreciate it? I dunno. I don’t want to be the jerk who brings junk food, since I was taking that as an act of micro-aggression in the height of No-vember. (LP and JK: tell me if I should bring in Skittles and chips on Monday.)

Time for me to map out my weekend — I got work to do + the usual boring things + friend hangs + exercise parties to have — and get back on the habit part of this habit train. Looking forward to reactivating my 3 o’clock walks at work, but my morning routine will be modified Tues & Wed with my mom here. Reminding myself that what I do most days matters more than once in a while (aka one of GR’s secrets of adulthood).

Oh, remember when I emailed Gretchen? Well, I got back a form email response and I should have expected it but I am disappointed nevertheless. I skimmed her habits group guide and it seems more directed to meeting in person groups, but I’ll take a closer look and see if there’s anything in there for the Accountability Squad and/or this here bloggeroo.

Okay, planning time! xo

*this is not the actual title of the film, though it should be. One character refers to their dance routine as being “dipped in culture” and we died of laughter.


3 thoughts on “better than before: days 33-35

  1. Maybe we should have an ECW treat cupboard. And then if you wants treats you can open it and if you are on a no-ever program you can just keep the cupboard closed. Out of sight, out of mind?

    And deffo most days > once in a while.

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