better than before: day 31

I am now calling the cats “puppies” because they are the most rambunctious creatures in the history of cats. (They also have a tendency to pee on newspaper outside their litter box, so…apt.)

Tammy: thank you for the chia pudding breakfast suggestion — it was just the thing to have ready to grab on my early departure to feed the puppies. I added raspberries and nuts and have some left for 10 or 11-sies. 

The dietician report! She was lovely and made me feel very comfortable to say whatever and ask any level of dumb question. We are meeting again in January so: Accountability! Her main suggestion for me was to move my bigger meals earlier in the day, and to make sure I’m not overdoing the carbs servings and under the veg and fruit. I was only having one fruit serving a day vs 2-3. We went over a modified version of the Canada Food Guide, looked at portion sizes — Quarter Chicken Dinner should really be Eighth Chicken Dinner and that giant baked potato is probs 4 servings large (rather than aiming for 2 with each meal). 

So I am going to do some more specific diet monitoring for a while to make sure I’m getting my fruit and veg, and substituting starchy veg for bread/pasta/rice options where I can. All in all, a pleasant and informative time! She said I was on the right track and gave me good pointers forward. Like, stop buying vanilla flavoured yogurt, fool. 

I finished the Shonda Year of Yes book last night, and overall thumbs-up from me. I’m obviously primed for stories of ladies overhauling their lives. She has some great no-bullshit moments; she writes about some scarily familiar patterns of thought that she’s overcome, plus there are multiple bye Felicias, great love for Queen Bey, and two Taylor Swift references. What more do you want in a book? 

As it turns out, my ma is coming next week, not today, so my schedule just got a whole lot more manageable. Coming over here for Taffy and Licorice twice a day isn’t, like, the worst but it would have been MORE complicated if I was also cleaning and hosting and chilling with my mum. 

And lastly I did that boot camp video again, the one I tried on Saturday and fuck fuck fuck it is hard once your muscles are already all achy. Good lord. So don’t ask me to do anything that requires my triceps today, ok?



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