better than before: day 30

Hi from catsitting! I have completed the fun part (where Taffy and Licorice love me because I fed them) and am delaying the stinky part. (The stinky part is why I will always choose a stuffed animal companion over a living one. Bear is low maintenance and cost effective.) anyway!
I have made a sure-to-be-unpopular decision: I’m not going to do the synchro program. One part of it is that if I went and sucked, I would feel sad and lame and old. But the biggest part is that I already made a plan of how I want to focus my extracurricular energies and I gotta stick with that. I have a lot I want to get done and I need to hunker down and focus. Too much change and too many new activities won’t do me any good. So, I have it on the Next Year shelf, along with dance classes (which maybe I have already paid for). And after a year of Better than Before-ing, I will be much more fit to scull my way around the pool! 

Especially if I keep doing that workout from Saturday. My triceps are making their existence known to me, as are my hamstrings. And it seemed pretty easy while I was doing it. Tricky!

Today is the last day of No-vember (and of November, as it happens) and I wish to extend congratulations and high fives to Laura and Jen for sticking it out and being compatriots. Much easier with pals! Also this marks a month of better than before-ing, and of blogging every day. It’s weird to think that I’ve posted more here in the last month than likely in the last five years combined. 

Tomorrow I will report on what I learn from the dietician today!


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