better than before: day 29

20182-parks-and-recreation-leslie-knope-two-thumbs-upmorning, friends. my winning streak from yesterday continues this morning. I did sleep in til 6:30, but did my yoga this morning (and last night), and have been hunkered down at my desk working away for about an hour and a half now. So that is A+.

Yesterday I sacrificed getting my steps in, in order to get other things checked off the list, and I think that is the key: sometimes I can’t do all the things, so I have to make deliberate choices of what I will do and what can be ignored for the day — rather than adopt a harebrained all-or-nothing philosophy.

I also drafted my No-Ever list yesterday, and I keep thinking of things to add to it! Sesame snaps, chocolate milk, bacon. I’ve never really considered how many “treats” I was regularly chomping down on. (Tammy, remember at Centennial when we’d get those warm chocolate chip cookies from the caf and a chocolate milk and just chug it?) (That happened, right?) The No-Ever banned substances list lifts for Legit Special Occasions and Planned Exceptions, so it’s not like I have to say goodbye to anything forever. That would be a little too hardcore for me. Here’s my working No-ever list if you’re curious (Laura).

Today is the big day: I am going swimming at 4 at my local pool. This freaks me out. Why? Who the eff knows. I like swimming; I’ve been to this pool before; it’s not hard. But there you have it.

Ummmmm what else that is it happy Sunday I better not forget to feed the cats tonight.


One thought on “better than before: day 29

  1. That Leslie Knope picture makes me a bit emosh. We should put it up at the office.

    I find prioritizing super key (esp as an upholder), if challenging. One can never do all the things, so it’s helpful to pick ones that are most important, even if that changes day to day. I started doing this with my quarterly goals.

    Only sampled one of each of three baked goods in very small portions at baking weekend, although I did have a run in with a bit of toppers pizza I found in the fridge. And only 3 drinks. So overall not the worst and not feeling deprived.

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