better than before: day 26

It’s morning and I’m blogging, so at least one thing is on track.

Last eve I was feeling pretty knackered, and so I postponed my PLL plan (sadness), cut short my walk to the station (but I’d hit my 8K so phewf), and flopped on the couch. I calculated just how much TV me and my mum had watched (6 22-minute episodes + 1 Poirot, which I slept thru half of) and decided I still had two Scandals left in the weekly TV allotment. That show is legit bananas. It’s slightly creative math, but I’m giving myself a pass on it. When I am getting a cold all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch TV.

What I am not giving myself a pass on is the giant effing dinner I ate for no good reason at all. I had leftover ravioli-type pasta from dinner with my mum the night before, and instead of eating a normal human’s amount I ATE IT ALLLLLLLL. Then felt grossssssssss. I just can’t have pasta, is that it? I just wolf it down like I won’t be seeing food for days. Good lord, Calhoun. Since I’d very specifically written “giant piles of pasta” on my No-vember list, I have officially broken my No-vember oath.

Mere hours after saying to Laura that it really hasn’t been that hard. (Hi Laura.) Laura and I were discussing extending No-vember into No-ever, in our own ways, and I think that is a zehr gut idea for me. (That’s three Laura mentions: I have met my quota!) No-ever would have planned exceptions: it’s a holiday party at work, I’m allowed to have treats; it’s, I dunno, someone’s birthday and etc. Details to be sorted, but the general principle of making junk food and desserts and feasts rare occasions rather than everyday crutches.

Now for my Lynn-mention quota: the other day, she picked up contact lens solution for me. Thanks, Lynn. AND she sent me some information on a recreational synchro program that her T.O. synchro people are putting together. (Lynn is a synchro star.) There is a test-it-out class in a couple of weeks, and the program would start in January. OMG DO I DO IT? This is 100 percent something I have googled in the past, trying to find ways to exercise, and I love-love-loved synchro when I was a bratty teen. And I have never been more ripped than when I did synchro in my first year at U of T. But I have not done any swimming since then. And that was…1998? So, confidence level: low. Fitness level: low. Scaredy-cat-ness at trying new things with strangers: high.

Maybe I should: go swimming this weekend. Remember that I like doing it. Then RSVP to the class on the 12th. Then decide if I want to do the program after that. That sounds like a rational human plan.

In other news, I am seeing a nutritionist/dietician on Monday at my family health practice, and I have to log my food for the next few days. Thank the gods I wasn’t starting yesterday with Swiss Chalet chicken and stuffing and pasta party. She’ll have no idea what I am normally like! That is totally the point, right? Lying to people so they can give you skewed health advice?

The good news is that I do not feel like I have succumbed to my cold, thanks to my 10 hours of sleep. The bad news is that I have not exercised in days, and my yoga’ing is two days dormant. I think I need to start dosing myself with Gretchen podcasts and re-reads, so I get back on the better-than-before track and off the floppy-zzzs track.



One thought on “better than before: day 26

  1. I did not know about your synchro history. How is that possible!? It’s just like Pushing Daisies! (Why is that not on Netflix!?) You should definitely do it. Like, for reals.

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