better than before: day 24


Mini blog coming to you live and direct from ecw hq, lunch break o’clock. No exercise last night, but I did cram in a half hour of work on my project. Yoga’d this morning, but no project work. It’ll be a weird couple of days habits-wise, but it’s fun to have my ma in town for a slumber party, so I’m not sweating it. I am Not Gretchen — who stayed on NYC time on a West Coast vacation with her seldom-seen sister so as not to disrupt her habits. I would much rather chill with my mum and not feel like a jackhole.

In other news, when the doctor asked me if I had a cold, after feeling my throat gland things, I was like Nahhhh but now I feel like I am getting one. And boo on that.

Mini blog over. Will be back to normal blogging o’clock on Thursday morning.


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