better than before: day 23

SORRY, LAURA. My super duper late blogging is just unacceptable. Total demerit.

So, yesterday, as predicted, was uhhh not the most productive day of all time. I did some cleaning, some napping, and no exercising or evening yoga’ing. I did walk over to my dad’s house for dinner, 45 min along gross Bloor St in the cold, which Old Crissy would certainly not have done. But overall, I didn’t rally and my weekly round-up numbers sent to the Squad reflected that. Not the worst, but not the best.

This morning, I swapped out my writing time — and my blogging time SORRY LAURA — to do the cleaning I didn’t do the day before, and the stuff I couldn’t do ahead of time. Cats be cattin’. And my roommate likes to bake on Sundays, so I correctly predicted that cleaning the kitchen before Sunday evening would be a silly thing to do. So silly.

Anywho. Got the apartment nice and spiffy and planned on blogging while I sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. But what the holy hell they were running EARLY, and I went in 18 minutes early to my appointment. When in the history of medicine has that happened? never. call Guinness.

The brilliant part was when the nurse got to the part in her millions of questions about “What are you doing to stay healthy?” I was like, “Lady let me redirect you to” I had loads of things to tell her, and she was pleased that I had a Program (I kept referring to it as a Regime Change, which…sounds a little totalitarian state). I made an appointment with their nutritionist/dietician, who is part of the family health team and totes covered by OHIP. Sweet. My doc was also happy to hear I was no longer sedentary, and also discouraged me from smoking even as rarely as I do. So, there you go. I’ll have to Oblige her.

Also my blood pressure’s good, in case you wondered.

My steps are low for the day, but only by 650 — I’ll make that up later this week.

Bigger question: will I get my exercises done this week with Ma in town? Yes, no, maybe so.



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