better than before: day 22

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like it’s Day 22!  I can’t not force a TaySwift lyric pun if there is one in the vicinity.

26Stayed in my bed for the full eight hours, and that means my day started just after 10. I have not done my yoga. (Sorry, Rodney.) I’m thinking I’ll do the night one — but the last time I didn’t actually end up doing it — so…uh, no promises that I’ll live up to my obligations here.

My other demerit lies in the smoking category: definitely exceeded eight stolen drags. Had one smoke of my own, and probably another half in mooched drags from my sis. At the beginning of the evening, I told her don’t let me smoke much, k? And then when she tried to say don’t later, I fully ignored her and puffed away. So DEMERIT. I can feel it today, and otherwise I am feeling perty good. I wasn’t clock-watching at the party, so who knows if I had a drink per hour, but my total drinks (5, though the wine was generously poured) is less than hours spent there (6). {Edit: Forgot about the drink I had at my sis’s before the party. 6 for 6.}

qcBaAARc5And gold stars for the party. The dinner was buffet style, so there was no awkward trapped-at-a-table situation; it was very mix and mingle, and everyone was friendly and it was not a living nightmare of being forced to talk to evil strangers. They were all lovely! One nice lady called me cheerful, so I must’ve been having a pleasant time. (The only terrifying part was there was a goddamn suckling pig, and its poor little face looked at me, and thank god I had a head’s up shortly before it came out, cuz that would’ve been a shocker.) There was great live music, including some surprise performances by friends, and then excellent DJ’ing, and a full-on super dance party. Totally made the floor burn.

Project Clean The House has not yet started, and I have to cram in my exercise and my steps and get to my dad’s for dinner at 6. And mostly I’d like to flop back into my cozy, cozy bed and read The Royal We, which yes of course I think of it as The Royal Wee all the time.


Stats for the week, not including today…

  • 5 of 6 exercise times (3 x Denise A. body burn cardio dance-a-thon; 2 x NYCBallet workout) (can we count last night’s dance party as a bonus 1/2 exercise or something? it was pretty hardcore)
  • 5 of 7 20 Minutes with Rodney (this is Not Cool, since I like it so much. get your shit together, Calhoun)
  • Steps: 48,162 of 56,000 (and I’m walking to my dad’s, so that’ll be my 8K for today)
  • 3 of 7 Calhoun Writing Project hours (super yikes on this)
  • No-vember report: Ate a handful of tortilla chips with my tofu migas the other day at Lady Marmalade (so.good.) without even realizing I was breaking the no chips rule. And last night I had a couple of Diet Cokes + JD, when both of those substances are banned. Otherwise, on track.
  • Habit that has gone out the window and I do not mourn its loss: the ill-advised hour of doing chores every weeknight. G’bye.
  • Hours of TV watched: ZERO. ???



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