better than before: day 17

I’m back in the game, you guys. Did my body-burn-dance-party-cardio-cheese-fest last night; yoga’d again this morning. Didn’t get into my Special Project this morning — slept in a LITTLE (I was up late reading) and then started futzing on the internet instead of working. BUT otherwise I’m feeling like I am on it. On the Habits To-Do List: I have some if/then planning, strategizing, etc. That could be a good project for this evening.

A member of my Accountability Squad has started her own Revamp Project — YESSS — and is blogging about it: Tammy’s Monday also featured brownies that were not to be eaten. Some mystery person brought brownies to ECW HQ yesterday, so the No-vember kids on the 2nd flr had to Not Eat Brownies All Day. But we stuck it out. High fives, JK and LP.

The do-this-with-friends strategy is one of my favorites. GO TEAM. Gretchen offers a ‘habits group’ starter kit — maybe I should email her and ask for it…

Omg you guys I’m going to email the Queen of Habits and Happiness.

It’s happening. It happened.


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