better than before: day 13

happy friday the 13th! or happy taylor day if you are a hardcore swift fan.

535525255yesterday I was officially Back on Track with all the things, so phew. I skipped a friend hang last night to pack for Owen Sound and to make sure I actually goddamn did my effing exercise. Which I did. New York City Ballet Workout, featuring Peter Martins narrating in his Danish accent. My favourite part is when he assures you that “Though these exercises are done on the floor, you will see their effects when you are standing.” Uh, okay. Did an image search on my pal Mr. Martins and I will now picture him thusly, always. He kinda reminds me of the Maestro character in The Money Pit, Shelley Long’s ex-husband?

Watch The Money Pit if you’ve never seen it. I’m sure it stands the test of time. It’s from the good old days when Tom Hanks was funny.

In Happier podcast news, yesterday’s episode was on the Rebel tendency and I wish they’d gone for hours. Lotsa rebels in my midst, and figuring out how to deal with ’em effectively would be Very Helpful.

What else? Weekend at my ma’s place will feature a farmers’ market AND a craft show, what-what, and I think I’ll be able to keep most of my habits in place.

ALSO for the record, all this blogging about the minutiae of my life is very weird to me, but it’s helping me stick to stuff. So. I’ll just intermittently state that I don’t think this report on whether or not I washed my face is, like, fascinating in any way, shape, or form; it’s just super helpful. (And yes I did wash my face. I’m so fresh and so clean-clean.)



2 thoughts on “better than before: day 13

  1. I finally figured out the comment thing! Woohoo!
    Okay, for inspiring dance workouts that will get your moving and maybe make you pee from laughter, please consider the following: (I truly used to do this entire workout video. The outfits alone on the superstar – you have to click to find out who! – are truly spectacular.) (Andrew, Megan and I used to do this one in our old apartment. All together. Hilarious. And another star!)


    • FOR SURE I AM GOING TO DO THAT SUPERSTAR WORKOUT. That is just the thing. Holy moly.

      Me and Amie used to do the Paula workout in her basement. (Amie’s basement, not Paula’s.) FOND MEMORIES. Every once in a while, I find myself doing the ‘toe heel up, side together side, bend and scoop the left’ in my kitchen. I need to get the full workout somewhere!

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