better than before: day 12

morning, pals. back to the routine this a.m. while I did google ‘exercise for hungover idiots’ last night, I didn’t actually DO any exercise. So, yep. Demerits. And I’m headed to Owen Sound for the weekend tomorrow, which means a four-hour bus ride aka extended sit-a-thon (on Fri and Mon) and even more disruption to the routine. I think I’ll be able to get in my steps and my yoga’ing pretty easily, but I’ll have to figure out the exercise portion. My ma bought a treadmill of some sort, maybe it’s set up and I can get on there. Or I guess YouTube will still work in O.S., and I could just do my dance body burn grapevine party there? Of course I could. Dunzo.

In Four Tendencies news, I am slowly making everyone I know take the quiz, and my dad’s a Questioner, which I correctly guessed. Woot.

05-53391_heroMajor fuck-up this week aside, I am super into my new mornings, I gotta say. While I don’t ever want to get out of bed, once I’m up, I’m happy to be stretching with Rodney (he’s pretty chill and easy-going and there are ocean noises in the bg); I like not having to think about what’s for breakfast and just making my Red River; and I like this hour and a half to work on projects. It’s oddly peaceful. Evenings I don’t feel like I’ve totally cracked yet.

In current events, everything is the worst and people keep killing each other. (There you go, Laura! You are totally caught up on the day’s news.) The weather will be rainy and cloudy and windy, with a high of 11. Woah and tomorrow night, we’re dipping down to -1!

And the big question is can I wear a black motorcycle jacket with brown cowboy boots? Or is that just too mismatched and kinda costume-y? Go ahead:


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