better than before: day 11

today, really, the blog post should be called Worse than Before.


Sorry for the all-caps but that is what all noise sounds like today, tooooo loud and shhhhh. I took the day off work to wallow in my feeling poorly. In the history of hangovers, this one is really not that bad. No barfs or drama, just total over-tiredness (thanks 6 a.m. wake-up and bad boozy sleep!) and a nice solid red-wine headache that refuses to be defeated. I probably could’ve gone to work, but I don’t think it’s fair to the book I’m editing, to subject it to my half-functioning brain. Day of rest = much better for all involved. Especially me.

26So, ya, I have totally bailed on all the habits today. No walking, no yoga, no morning routine of this-that-and-the-other. The only positive thing is I haven’t broken my No-vember list today, since my house has no forbidden foods in it and I’ve been eating oranges and toast and tea to survive.

I did break the No-vember list last night — had a beer and beer is on the no-fly list. DEMERIT. I also smoked, which I only do in the state of drunkenness, and holy doodle does it make me feel terrible the next day. I may have to ban smoking entirely, and see if that bright line rule holds when I’m in my cups. Also, you know, I could Not Drink So Much and eat a bigger supper beforehand and just generally be smarter in all the totally obvious ways. Geez, Calhoun.

Yesterday was my official evening off exercise, so um tonight I have to?? Oh god. I am going to google exercises for people with hangovers and see what I get. Is there a workout-while-napping option?

Alsooo I forgot that my blog automatically gets posted on my Goodreads, and I think on my Amazon author page and who knows where else I linked it when I was Author-ing, so hi world yes I had too much red wine I’m really happy to be telling you all.  

Had a super time with my work chums tho. <3


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