better than before: day 10

Major news on the Revamp Project: I am getting pretty good at the dance workout moves, so next time you see me on the dance floor, I may bust out some sick grapevines. If I could make gifs, I would make one of the move at 16:57, which never fails to make me think I am starring in Cats! for one split second.

Not too much to report other than that important tidbit. New bedtime of 10 seems way better so far, but tonight it’ll get effed up with the Giller Lite. I haven’t set myself a strict go-home time; maybe I should. (Also what time do I wake up tomorrow morning? The usual and get less sleep than I normally do? Or get the sleep but miss the morning routine? So many questions! So few answers.)

One thing I would love some suggestions for: TREATS. I’m not having the usual food treats of, like, cupcakes or cheezies, but I’m not in the habit of other kinds of treats (most of the examples in the comments on that post do not really appeal to me). Last week, I decided to get a v. delicious latte on my way into work, which I don’t normally do (now that we are far from a Starbucks), which was an A+ treat. Another day, I lay back down in bed for a cuddly 5 minutes, which was also A+ on the treat scale. But, you know, I’d like to have more treats in my day. Ideas welcome! #treatyoself (Watching that clip def counts as a treat. I love them.)


2 thoughts on “better than before: day 10

  1. I have an expensive (IMO, though Donna & Tom wouldn’t flinch) hand cream that I put on before bed every night (The L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream). Because it feels and smells so nice and I know it is super indulgent, it always feels like a luxury. Also $5 bouquets from the green grocer can be a good boost (tho I realize that six or seven of these = one hand cream). Also pouring myself an Alicia Florrick or a Tami Taylor at the end of the day.

    • those are excellent treats! (except for the wine, because holy hangover at the moment.) I used to have the lavender L’Occitane handcream & did the exact same thing (without acknowledging it as a treat) (just living large).

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