better than before: day 9

morning, pals. not a heck of a lot to report on — I’m feeling all Monday morning / fresh start / new week. I’m dropping the writing project I started last week (I wrote a terrible short story, you guys! it’s not even a story, so much as a collection of words), and diving into my bigger project as of this morning. That’s what I really want to be working on, and I am just kinda terrified of it. So, no more avoiding it.

For the first time this morning, my weigh-in had a HIGHER number than the day before. Boooo. I am not officially in this habits game to lose weight, but it was a nice little trend to watch — teeny tiny drops each day (my scale weighs in tenths of a kg). But I’ll take the upward # as more motivation for exercising, and recommitting to the No-vember list. Not ready for a proper lose-weight goal just yet. Let’s just not gain weight, which is what I have been doing for the past decade. I would really NOT like to see my ECW start date picture in 2005 vs me now. (Of course, in 2005, I thought I needed to drop some poundage too. Geez, girl didn’t know what lay ahead.)

I like to explain all my behaviour on Obliger Rebellion, my favourite term in the world, but there may be something to my decision to stop caring so much about what I looked like (which happened around that time) to an Obliger Rebellion. It was definitely deliberate, and while I’m all for throwing off the ridiculous and restrictive and damaging ideas of what women should look like, I definitely misstepped by developing some crappy diet and (lack of) exercise habits. Kids at home: don’t do that, but fuck the patriarchy.

Have you started watching Master of None? Recommended. Denise is my #1 fave. <3




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