better than before: day 8

Coming to you live and direct from the 71A bus! (So please excuse weird formatting.) I’m on my way to meet up with Tammy, who I don’t see enough of and who is a keen member of the Accountability Squad. We are gonna have a walk-about hang, which is pretty high up there on my favourite kind of hangs.

qcBaAARc5Today I’m giving myself a gold star for managing to actually exercise yesterday despite an impromptu plan that meant I had to hustle and squeeze it in. Did the Denise Austin Cheesy Dance a thon and still managed to get to my pal’s house on time.
Unrelated to Habits, except as a tool to make walking alone safer and encourage walking: the app Companion. I tried it out last night walking home from Amie’s. You enter your destination, add a friend from your contacts — they get a message that asks them to be your buddy on the walk, and they can follow your progress on the map and get an alert when you’re home safe. On my end I had a “I feel nervous” button to press if needed and an emergency button. (Not sure if it calls 911 or what.)

The only glitch was that I walk pretty fast and it thought I was running and was like Are you okay?!?! I have my phone on do not disturb after 10 so I didn’t hit the I’m okay button right away. Amie got an alert too saying I might be running and to check in with me. Anywho all of this took about a minute to resolve and it was nice to know it’s paying such close attention to me!

Recommended app; and pals, I am very game to be your companion!

And I totally got off the bus too early and have added some bonus walking time to this walk hang. Doodeedoooooo.


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