better than before: day 7

26It’s a lot more fun to write these blog posts when it’s like, La la la new habit paradise I am so accomplished, but this morning I am here to tell you that it is Demerit City, USA, up in here.

I did not do my exercise last night, I did not do any chore-type thing (save for putting away, like, three pieces of laundry), I did not wash my face (or, if we’re being honest, brush my teeth). And this morning I decided to add an extra 20 minutes to the alarm and have a lie-in. (And I went to bed early last night.)

What I think happened is I let a slight change in plans snowball into a rationale to change alllll my plans. I got home later than normal (after having a very lovely and hilarious post-work hang with my chums at the office), was hungry, had had some red wine, and was just ready to not do anything but flop. I convinced myself that Friday could be my day off exercise, willfully ignoring the fact that when I started my habiting on Sunday, I hadn’t exercised, so I’d already had my day off for this week. Boo on me.

So….what to do in the future. I don’t like the idea of being so rigid that I can’t have impromptu plans; I don’t want to give up boozing entirely (my No-vember list of banned substances does not include wine or vodka), but I do make sloppier decisions just about the second after a drop of alcohol touches my lips.

Maybe I have a period of rigidity, as I establish habits, and then loosen up to include impromptu plans/alcohol when I’m more cemented in my routine? Or maybe I… I don’t know. How important is it that every day I add a coin to the pile? Blerg, it’s important.

(I don’t think I’ve thought about something like this [i.e., not work / book-writing related] in such detail in an epically long time.)

OK, my plan will be:

1) have purse snacks so I don’t get too hungry (which makes my decisions spiral),

2) force myself to do evening yoga as a backup exercise even when I don’t wanna (which was already my if/then plan, I just ignored it last night),

3) rejig the schedule so I get more sleep every night (8 hrs, instead of 7.5) and don’t get exhausted by Friday,

4) … any suggestions? stuff I’m blind to?


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