better than before: day 6

morning pals. thank you for the feedback yesterday. adapting the plan is totally legit, and so I shall.

habit revisions!

  • the hour of exercise includes prep and post, and I’m looking for 1/2 hr of proper exercising. Buffer time = crucial to not stressing.
  • my exercise 6 outta 7 days is going to be Tuesday thru Sunday, with Monday off. As opposed to Sunday off. It’s way easier for me to exercise on a weekend, than on an weekday evening. Which seems VERY OBVIOUS in hindsight. (I blame the whole ‘Sunday day of rest’ thing for me missing the obvs.) Or maybe the one day without exercise should be variable — like, next week, it should be Tuesday for GillerLite-ing. I like that: the 7th day is a WILD CARD to be determined by me. By looking at my wild calendar of events.
  • to keep the habit of the habit of weekday exercise, I’ll try doing the 20 minute evening yoga episode on evenings off, but this is a soft rule. Like post Giller Light? Probs not. Post casual friend hang, yes.
  • the Tackle It hour — I’ll keep calling it an ‘hour’ but it’s the part that can be crunched. Bad commute (like yesterday) can eat into it, yada yada. It can also be, like, 1/2 hour of proper working and 1/2 hour of buffering.

Last night I used that Tackle It time (btw I hate that name and need a new name for it — suggestions welcome; this is the chores, special projects, admin block) to find new exercise options and fell down a very entertaining and sometimes frightening YouTube hole of workout videos. (If you want to exercise with Stephanie McMahon, you totes can.)

I found a dance workout that seemed targeted to a mid-90s cliche of a suburban mom with little to no dance experience — and that, my friends, is what I did last night. It was a proper cardio workout, but it also featured sassy dance moves and a lot of encouragement to “have fun” “let loose” and “shake it!” So basically I was grinning the whole time. My grapevine and sashays need some work. It was a 1/2 hour, which was much more manageable. BUFFER TIME.

And this morning’s yoga was the best of the week. I’ve cracked the configuration of laptop screen to yoga mat for optimal “I can see you, Rodney” times, and (obliger tendency activate) I was more engaged in it because I could see the instructor. (Like in that study where, in an office kitchen, there was a self-policing pay for beverages policy, and if there was a picture of eyes by the payment jar, people were more likely to pay than if there wasn’t. I want to do a good job of my yogaing for Big R.)

OK, now I have to stop this blogging and get to my writing project. I find I’m spending more time here than is strictly necessary as a way of avoiding the harder work. Not cool, Calhoun! Just one more thought before I go: this morning I was thinking that my obliger-ness is why I am never in relationships (because I have a real aversion to the idea of being an obliging GF/wife) AND that the impetus for the end of my marriage was a proper obliger rebellion.

I might get a tshirt made emblazoned with Obliger Rebellion. Or start a cheesy 90s dance squad and call it that.

OK BYE! TFIF <3 <3 <3


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