better than before: day 5

this morning is a little discombobulated. an hour is, perhaps, not enough time to do the 20 Min. with Rodney, shower, make coffee and a hot breakfast and eat it. I’m feeling achy this morning too, so I’m moving slowly. My Tackle It project for last night was bringing downstairs all the stuff I had in storage upstairs in my landlord’s apt (phase 2 will be get rid of some stuff, stash the rest in the garage). I have those giant tupperware bins and I have filled them with all the heaviest mementoes of my past. So, basically, they are too heavy for me to lift and I did it anyway. So, I took it easy this morning — the “yoga” was more like yawning and stretching and counting down the minutes to relaxation pose, aka the only pose I have truly mastered. (To paraphase GR, don’t let good get in the way of sigh, at least I did it.)

I am also wondering if I’ve overprogrammed my evenings. It’s hard to know if it just feels like a lot to cram in because I’m not used to having anything, really, that I have to do, or if there is too tight a schedule running. The plan is…

IMG_14395:30 – leave work! Walk up to Broadview Station — and holy crow there is an amazing view of the city and the sunsets and it’s pretty pretty and I want to spam my Instagram feed with skyline pics — and I stop at that grocery store right on my way if necess.; otherwise proceed home!

6:30 – hey I am home! it’s the Supper Hour. Make dinner, eat dinner, pack lunch. (This has been a week of leftovers and fast things; if I was making a proper dinner from scratch, I’d run out of time here, I think. But I’m fine with not making elaborate things on weeknights. So fine with that.)

(At some point apres dinner, I take out my contacts, wash my face, and brush my teeth. So early! For a couple of reasons: I wear my contacts too long; if I brush my teeth, I think eating is done for the day and I’m less likely to snack after dinner; and we have discussed how I need to wash my makeup off.)

7:30 – Now it’s Tackle It hour. This can be chores, some personal admin thing (paying bills, making plans), a special project (like a KonMari leftover I haven’t tackled yet), yada yada. I’ve started making a list as these things occur to me (like, fix shelf in kitchen) and I choose one each eve. This is the chunk of time that gets happily sacrificed for evening plans.

8:30 – Exercise hour. I’m a person who likes things that are familiar and convenient; thus far, I’ve been sticking to in-my-bedroom activities (woah hey not like that!) (tho that should go on the list of possible activities!) (it is too early in the morning for sex jokes) (never too early). I’d like to get in the pool twice a week, and conveniently the length swim at my local pool is from 8:30 to 9:30. Have yet to take the plunge  (#punny) but that may be a next week goal. The exercise hour has felt crammed — my ballet video is longer than an hour, plus changing, etc. — so it’s been eating into…

9:30 – Leisure time! Last night I managed to watch The Good Wife (mostly because LP promised it featured lotsa Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka the best new character ever, look at that smirk), but then I basically had to instantly close my eyes and fall asleep. Other nights, my choices for leisure time have been: flop in my bed and fall asleep by 10. I don’t want to feel ‘hard done by’ and get cranky about the new schedule if I don’t get to have some sort of chill out time before it’s official bed time.

10:30 – Official Bedtime.

So maybe I should shorten the Tackle It hour to 45 minutes and give myself a buffer of time. Forty-five minutes doing chore-type things every evening feels like tons, right? (Does this seem fair or am I trying to weasel out of things, and not even realize I’m doing it?) Other suggestions? (This is the part where I am subtly asking for you to comment if you have thoughts on the matter, or tell me IRL.)

In Happier podcast news, yesterday’s episode was on Obligers, and I found it useful to hear about the variations within our kind and that other Obligers can’t just sign up for a class and feel obligated to go. Also OBLIGER REBELLION. That is such a real thing for me. I had an obliger rebellion at work earlier this year, in fact. I have had a lot of them in my life, much to the bafflement of those around me. From now on, I will yell Obliger Rebellion! and then stomp away, so at least they have something to google.



4 thoughts on “better than before: day 5

  1. I feel like you’re cramming a lot in between dinner and bedtime, so I don’t at all feel like you’re trying to “get out” of anything. Here’s a question: Is the point to exercise every night or is the point to do this specific ballet video every night? Because I’m wondering if you can alternate it with a 20-30 minute routine so you’re still exercising, but not every night is taken up with an hour-plus workout.

    • thanks, sugar pop! the point is to exercise every night, so it does not have to be the ballet thing at all. that’s just the thing I have on hand that’s super easy for me to pick, because I’ve been doing it sporadically for, like, a decade-plus. So yes — shorter thing is a good idea! I think that when I go swimming, the actual exercise part will be much less than an hour (since my god I haven’t done lengths for an hour straight since high school). And I could skip certain segments in the ballet tape to shorten it, so that would be a way to make it a more do-able length. (Like, do I really need to master arabesque raises? not a priority.)

  2. This upholder will tell you that I also agree you are taking on a lot in the bedtime hours when (if you’re like me) energy is at its lowest. I don’t think it’s weaseling to rejig your schedule: part of the point of this is to adapt things so they work best for you, and adjusting things that aren’t serving you (i.e. making you cranky and exhausted instead of feeling satisfied and righteous). I chronically underestimate time buffers, which makes me late and more stressed that I should be. You also may find that once you get done the backlog of big chore like things, there will be less to do in that time.

    And Jeffrey Dean is the best thing to happen to the Good Wife since Cary’s smile.

    • those are excellent points, JK! thank you — it is important that I make something that actually works for me, since that is kinda the whole point. I’ll scale back the Tackle time, since that part is the least important to me, and build in some buffering.

      Cary’s smile is everything.

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