better than before: day 4

so, the most exciting development since yesterday’s post is that I’ve recruited three friends to be Accountability Partners. the basic idea is that at the end of each week, I’ll email them with a little report on how I did over the week. they can read it or not, but knowing that I have to send it and that I’m not going to lie to my BFFs about how I did should help to keep me going. In an unofficial capacity, I have a few accountability partners at work, and making public my No-vember-ing (no food indulgences, basically, for the month of November, plus some other stuff) has already helped. A box of donuts was brought to a meeting, but Rachel knew I’d decided not to eat them and then I would have had to break my very solemn oath in front of her. (It helps that donuts are not my #1 fave. If they brought in a pizza…I would have been sad not to eat it.)

the bonus part of this Accountability Squad thing is that my three pals are ones I rarely see and don’t keep in close-enough contact with, and now we will! Two of three are also Obligers, and are keen to take up a Revamp Project of their own, which YES, and I think it’ll be nice for me to have things work reciprocally. (Classic obliger, am I rite?)

I wonder which Tendency makes for the most effective Accountability Partner. I bet Upholders would be the most Task Master-y.

(I also wonder which Tendency Taylor Swift is, because what else are you going to contemplate whilst zoning out on the subway. Upholder? Probably Upholder.)

qcBaAARc5I’ve been listening to the GR Happier podcast a lot this week (today’s episode is on Obligers & I am funfetti/so ready), so I’m going to borrow one of their segments and give myself a gold star:

Yesterday was day-one period for me, and that means cramp party USA, want to lie down forever, will I die? yes probably I will. While it wasn’t the worst-worst yesterday, normally I would’ve used it to let me off the hook and instead lie down, turn on the telly, and stay there for hours. But yesterday I went for my mid-afternoon walk, I walked to the subway after work and picked up the few groceries I needed for breakfast today, and when I got home, I didn’t flop. I cleaned up the stupid drywall mess, I assembled my Accountability Squad, and (who can believe it) I did my New York City Ballet workout tape, skipping the little jumps section but whatever.



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