better than before: day 1

on the streetcar with Jen Friday evening, she told me about how in Gretchen Rubin’s book on habits (which was already on my TBR pile; I love a habit book), she categorizes personalities into Four Tendencies — and, Jen said, there’s a quiz online to find out what you are (I love a personality quiz). So now it’s Sunday morning, and I have figured out that I’m an Obliger (to a certain extent), and I am on Day 1 of embarking on new habits, something I’ve had a very, very hard time cracking in the past. Daylight savings time change = my clean-slate start.

Most of what I’m looking to revamp right off the bat falls into the category of Foundation habits (Gretchen’s term): sleep, move, eat and drink right. I’ve made a rough plan, but have some work yet to do on safeguarding my new habits — I’m an EXPERT at weaselling out of promises made to myself. Which is why I’m here, posting on this dusty old blog. Obligers are into accountability outside our own shifty, tricksy heads: “Obligers meet outer expectations, but struggle to meet expectations they impose on themselves.” Yep, that. So I’m going to chronicle my habit-revamping here, in an effort to be accountable to You, the imagined reader. Other accountability strategies, forthcoming…

Wish me luck.


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