LYTD5: more, more, more

Our friends over at TV Fanatic very kindly announced the list of TVDers that Heather and I interviewed for Love You to Death 5, and holy smokes you guys. So many people! (Way more than last year, and that was an insane group for us.) It was pretty cool to receive that barrage of Yes-yes-yes! Personally I find the making-of insights fascinating — it’s just glimpse after glimpse into How It’s Made (where “it” is a highly well-made excellent and enduring tv series), and you get a great sense of the personalities behind TVD — so it was a delight to dream up questions and get so many great answers. In parts, the book functions like an oral history of this season, which gives me great joy … and hopefully will do the same for readers.

LoveYouToDeath_hiResCheck the list here.

We’re now in page proofs — meaning the book is written and edited, and now we’re proofreading what the actual book pages look like, finding lingering typos, fixing formatting issues — and off it goes to print at the end of the month. Exciting times!p.s. If you wanted to add the book to your to-read shelf on Goodreads, or preorder it or tell your TVD-loving friends about it? Heck, we would be most obliged. Book’s out in October in print & e-formats. And our publisher, ECW, has a great program where if you buy the print book, you can get the ebook for freeeee! (Details are inside the book, and it’s super easy to get yo file.)


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