tulips inside, snow outside

Oh climate change. Snow on April 15th, +20 Celsius on April 14th. I’m sure everything will be fine, really. Let’s just plan for the apocalypse anyway.

Eatin’ some fruit salad, drinking some stupidly weak coffee, another day at ECW HQ to start rather soon. I’ve been feeling under the weather and a bit stupid and lazy lately, so my apologies for flaking on writing a PLL finale recap yet, and for being so behind on my V-D.net posts. But I’m mere moments from getting my head in the game again. Cue that song from High School Musical. Or this much better song from an album I can’t stop listening to.


3 thoughts on “tulips inside, snow outside

  1. I’m just assuming there won’t be a “Rosewood Confidential 2” for seasons 3 & 4…It would be wonderful to be wrong.

    Also, I absolutely love the cover for “Love You to Death: season 5”! I’ve preordered it and am hoping it sneaks out early. (Dear Santa, yes please!)

    Keep up the awesome work and try to avoid contact with sudden otherworldly winds. If you choose to ignore that advice, please say hello to the Fierce One for me.

    • haha! hell seems a little more inviting with Katherine in it, eh? thanks for preordering LYTD5, and so glad you love the cover too.

      sadly no plans right now for Rosewood Confidential: The Sequel, but I’ve been loving recapping the episodes over at HeroineTV.com & will keep that up when the show comes back this summer…

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