sleepy helllloooo

I’ve basically forgotten to ever, ever, ever blog here, but I am still alive, I promise. Today has been the sleepiest so far — for some reason, I’m sleeping in like a teenager these days? — but here’s what is up:

With the return of TVD next week — episode 100! — I’ll be back reviewing/recapping The Vampire Diaries at, and one of my new year’s resolutions is to post at a regular time! No lateness tolerated! So, expect ’em by Sunday midday, folks, and shame me on the internet if I’m late.

ALSO I’ve begun recapping Pretty Little Liars for Heroine TV! Read my posts on the first and second episodes. I’ve also popped on to co-host Lucia’s podcast, talking about Downton Abbey and Reign — history! edutainment! — and I’ll be talking PLL and Ravenswood with Lucia and Tash, hopefully later tonight.

On the book writing front, Vee and I are working on Love You to Death — Season 5 and PRETTY SOON we’ll have a cover to show you, which we hope you will think looks as SUPER COOL as we do.

I think that’s it?



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