TMI Times

Navigating the Shadow WorldJen and I have been chatting with whoever will listen about The Mortal Instruments this past week!

The lovely Kate from Read the Screen interviewed me about writing Navigating the Shadow World and about my thoughts on the book series and the film adaptation.

And the Ultimate Urban Fantasy had us on, and it was a lot of fun — it’s a podcast, recorded on Google Hang, so you can totally watch a video feed of us being enthusiastic and nerdy about TMI. UUF will be having Vee and I on sometime in the coming months to talk TVD!

And you can read Jen’s (very slightly spoilery) review of the movie over at

Even though PW gave us a really weird, reductive, and kind of snarky review (or maybe I am being an overly sensitive author type?? but cmon they failed to read about two-thirds of the book), actual fans of the series seem to be giving Navigating the Shadow World two thumbs up, so phew! and yay!

If you’ve read it, let me know what you think! Heck, you could be the very first person to review it on Amazon….



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